Aston Martin Rapide

Brief report on the elegant Englishman. It was a short-term and, above all, very entertaining affair. 2 hours that I could spend in the rear and on the passenger seat of the Aston Martin Rapide.

Even if I usually prefer to drive myself, I sometimes make an exception for a noble family like the Aston Martin. Especially since 4-door limousines are particularly interesting if you really want to occupy the jump seats in the second row. The Aston Martin Rapide is no exception. Neither long legs nor fat bellies should be threaded into the second, slightly hidden row of seats. There are alibi seats, ideally suited to driving the funny company from the Casino Royal to the hotel in Nice.

Casino Royal? Aston Martin? There was something. No - I'll spare you the 325th version of a James Bond comparison. That would be about as exciting as the 15th iteration of Casion Royale on DVD. Although. Actually, I would have liked to watch DVD. Because due to the fact that the Rapide is a four-door but still a coupé, Aston Martin only had window panes the size of glasses for passengers in the second row - but monitors in the headrests in the first row and rear seat entertainment is provided. And because as a passenger in the second row you don't get much of the environment hurrying by, the use of the DVD system would certainly have been a change.

Without a DVD and with a view from the lower ground floor, I had to limit my first Aston Martin experiences to audio impressions and the olfactory well-being of the epidermis English Landviechs. Leather in abundance. As far as the eye can see. After all, even the second row in the interior can enjoy the great enjoyment of perfect leather processing.

In addition, the 6 liter 12 cylinder trumpets from behind through its round phoneline end outlets, with the melodious sound of the big wide world and a pack of song that only the twelve-pens can form. With your eyes closed, the Rapide is a pleasure for the senses of touch, smell and hearing. A great experience.

A short lap for two, with me on the passenger side - created a lot of entertaining mood. Although my passion for the co-pilot's seat is limited, a quick dash across the Eifelstrasse made for a good time.

The bottom line of my much too short Aston experience is that it stinks well when your pants are full and a V12 remains, despite all the discussion about peak oil, the premier class of automotive transportation. Not just for agents - although I didn't want to write anything more about these bond comparisons.





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