Audi Land of quattro - #audiat13

If you follow my blog carefully, you know my preference for ordinary Road Trips. Whether it goes to Italy with the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG to drive Pagani, Ferrari and Lamborghini through Emilia Romagna - or with Citroen across France. The main thing is driving is in the foreground. Audi is opening a big barrel this year with its “Land of quattro Tour”.

4.400 kilometers, 44 passes, 4 new RS models

Once from Klagenfurt am Wörthersee to Monaco and back. A nice route that has been laid out. For Audi, however, this tour is not the first major long-distance adventure trip. On the contrary, it is currently becoming an annual event at Audi. The focus was on China, the USA and Europe. This year I will be taking part in a leg of the trip and I am especially looking forward to seeing the legends of the “quattro history” again. It should not be forgotten, even if all-wheel drive is now almost a good form in sporty or high-performance vehicles, that all-wheel drive found its way into series production in automobiles, thanks to AUDI.

It was a Group of technicians commissioned by Ferdinand Piech Back then experimenting with all-wheel drive, the result was the most successful rally vehicles of all time. It was the Audi brand that raised all-wheel drive to the status quo in rallying!

My personal Stage on the "Audi Land of quattro Tour" I will manage with a Ur-Quattro, among other things, it will be exciting to experience what has happened in the past decades. For a long time, all-wheel drive at Audi was associated with the term Torsen, nowadays completely different techniques work in the different models.

Impressions from the trip and details about the technology, soon here in the blog!


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