Audi relies on green - networked through Ingolstadt

Drive connected through the city

Green wave on request or when needed, that is possible when cars are connected to traffic lights and cleverly controlled. The service already works in the USA. Audi starts in Ingolstadt.

From July, communication between the vehicle and the infrastructure should initially enable Audi drivers in Ingolstadt to make better use of traffic light phases and, ideally, to drive through the urban area on the “green wave”. The networking of other German cities is to follow.

This vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) service can be used by owners of the Audi models e-tron, A4, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q7 and Q8, which will be produced from mid-July. In addition to camera-based traffic sign recognition, the vehicles must also have a navigation system on board. The cockpit shows the speed at which the next green traffic light can be reached. If this is not compatible with the requirements of a speed limit, a countdown in the "Virtual Cockpit" display or in the head-up display counts down the seconds until the next green phase.

In the future, the function could be expanded by incorporating the traffic light phases into the optimal route guidance or by using electric models such as the e-tron when braking at the red traffic light to use the braking energy to charge the battery. Automatic braking at red traffic lights is also conceivable. In addition, a traffic light could communicate directly with a vehicle and, if the flow of traffic permits, switch to green.

In future, drivers from other brands will also be able to use the networking offer. Audi customers in the USA are currently benefiting from this service. In major cities such as Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Washington DC, more than 5.000 intersections are linked with traffic light information.

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