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DISPLAYToday we want to look at three tires that seem particularly predestined for winter. Firstly, the Michelin Alpin 5 - a winter tire of the very highest quality. On the other hand, the adhesive Quadraxer 2, an all-season tire that serves a more price-sensitive segment, and last but not least the Michelin CrossClimate. This is suitable for all weather conditions, but is not a classic all-season tires, but rather a summer tire that has grown to wintry conditions. What is behind it? And above all, what do all three tires have in common?

We want to solve the puzzle right at the beginning: All three tires, including the Michelin Alpin 5, as well as the Michelin CrossClimate and the adhesive Quadraxer 2 were awarded by the Auto Bild. Nevertheless, the three tires cover different requirements.

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Glue Quadraxer 2 - the all-rounder

The Quadraxer 2 adhesive is a classic all-season tire and offers high quality at an attractive price. Compared to its predecessor, many safety-relevant details were improved so that the Automobile Magazine was able to attest to excellent handling and braking characteristics on snow-covered roads. And even on dry roads, he offered good values ​​in the tests. But the adhesive Quadraxer 2 is not only very balanced in its driving characteristics throughout the year, but also in the cost chapter. It offers a high mileage combined with an attractive purchase price. In addition, it eliminates the half-yearly tire change, as well as the possibly associated balancing.

An all-weather tire of the very highest quality: Qaudraxer 2 adhesive

The all-season tire in 30 is available in different sizes from 15 to 18 inches. For the test he was ready in the format 205 / 55 R16 - so in the typical compact class format. Thanks to his allrounder talents and at the same time low costs, he got the seal "Auto Bild Eco Meister 2016". This means that it combines excellent economy with good winter performance, short braking distances on wet and dry roads and good longevity.

Michelin Alpin 5 - the premium winter tire

While all-season tires are more likely to be used in the city or on flat land, the Michelin Alpin 5 is the right choice as a winter tire in mountainous areas with frequent snowfall. The Hamburger Auto-Magazin saw it that way and passed a judgment that was hardly surprising: exemplary. The tests showed once again that the Alpin 5 is one of the best winter tires on the market - a real premium winter tire. The competitive environment is not exactly small. A total of 50 winter tires were tested.

The Michelin Alpin 5 - premium winter tire with premium driving characteristics. Nobody is better

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But 30 tires were eliminated in the preliminary round - too low was their quality and especially their driving characteristics. In detail, this means that their braking distance was simply too long. Among the remaining 20 tires in the 205 / 55 R16 format, the Alpin 5 emerged as the winter specialist with the best snow characteristics. Its unique tread pattern meshes particularly efficiently with the snow, providing superior grip. The basis is formed by his specially shaped tread blocks of the directional profile. They offer a high number of grip edges and thus great adhesion and high safety reserves. In addition, the side water channels drain the water absorbed by the road optimally and thus reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

The traction of the Michelin Alpin 5 is also in great demand. Thanks to its high lamellar density, it is possible to get fed on snow. It also uses StabiliGrip technology, which not only optimizes traction and grip in adverse conditions, but also handling. Compared to its competitors, the Alpin 5 is one of the best rated tires. With this great plus in terms of driving characteristics, however, he does not give himself any nakedness in other criteria. For example, he rolled very quietly - an attribute that will be greatly appreciated at the latest on a long-distance journey.

Michelin CrossClimate - The talent of balance

Just another all-weather tire? Not even close! The Michelin CrossClimate is a summer tire that can also be driven in winter. But one could believe that one would still have to accept major compromises in winter or autumn conditions. But the same applies here: Nothing. The all-round talent offers good properties, regardless of the season.

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In this way, it also fulfills the wish of many motorists to be able to save themselves the seasonal tire change - and that with optimal coordination with the Central European climate. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that it has particularly short braking distances on dry roads, but its braking behavior can also be assessed as optimal in wet conditions. That alone demonstrates its classification with the "A" of the European tire label. And if that doesn't convince you of its winter properties, the 3 PMSF symbol should be enough. Only a tire that has proven its winter suitability in a standardized test gets that.

No matter if snow or asphalt, dryness or wetness: the Michelin CrossClimate convinces

In addition, the Michelin CrossClimate offers high mileage and good energy efficiency. Not for nothing he was also awarded the title "Eco Champion 2016" by Auto Bild. And the catch? None! Even his comfort convinced the testers. And that at manageable higher costs compared to a winter tire. The Michelin CrossClimate costs about eight euros more, which represents a very moderate plus in view of the savings on the purchase of summer and winter tires. It is available in 43 different dimensions from 15 to 19 inches. So that should be something for everyone, right?

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