Car colors 2014: yellow and blue are coming

In the 1970er years, cars in yellow were hip: Sunny marino yellow for the VW Passat, the BMW 5er in screaming golf yellow or pastel cashmere yellow for the Opel Cadet. Then, for years, the Post mainly drove cars in the sun color, now it seems to be making a comeback.

Because while fewer and fewer new cars are being ordered in the former trend color brown (2014: -15,5%), the statistics of the Federal Motor Transport Authority recorded an increase in yellow vehicles last year: 17 percent more cars in the sunny color became 2014 compared to the previous year authorized. Admittedly, there are still a few: Around 51.000 new cars rolled in yellow at the dealership, the color accounts for almost two percent of all new 2014 registrations.

What is the increasing popularity, you can only speculate. One reason could be the increased supply, especially in the small and micro car sector. For a relatively cheap surcharge, various manufacturers offer their cars in the signal color: The Opel Adam, for example, costs "265 Euro in" Sunny Yellow ", for the Renault Twingo in" Citrus Yellow "200 Euro will be charged extra. Certainly advantageous in the price-sensitive small car range: Yellow looks gaudy even without expensive metallic effect.

Was yellow over years for a sports car as pretentious frowned, so it seems now here again be able to be. Mercedes has recently introduced its new AMG GT in the special "AMG solarbeam" paint, a rich gold-yellow metallic. And with around 8.700 euros, this paint job is the most expensive on the price list.

The complementary color of yellow is blue, those who drive such a car are considered modest and stylish. Around 265.000 car buyers have convinced the 2014, 13 percent more than the year before. Vehicles in white have been a long-running favorite for years, and last year more (+ 16%) car buyers were able to warm up for such a simple car. Meanwhile, every fifth car that is newly registered, painted in non-color, 2010 it was only every tenth. All this should not be confused that more than half (54%) of the cars registered in Germany are approved in silver / gray or black lacquered.

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X

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