Cars that had to say goodbye in 2019

Opel KARL ROCKS 2017

Not every car model gets a successor. The vehicle manufacturers sorted out again in 2019. The reasons are complex, but often it is about the appearance.

It is common to take stock at the end of a year. This also includes dealing with those who have left us. In our case, we take a final look at the car models that had to say goodbye in the course of 2019.

2019 saw the end of the Opel Adam

This year, the Opel Adam had to find out that good looks, smart equipment details and decent sales figures didn't prevent it from going out of business. The lifestyle dwarf, launched in 2013, was to bring a breath of fresh air to the Rüsselsheim portfolio. He did, but the 3,70 meter short Adam was not cheap to produce due to its many configuration options, including - Rolls Royce sends his regards - a starry sky for the interior roof. The change of owner from GM to PSA contributed significantly to the farewell of the small Opel. The French company has plenty of small and very small cars, including chic ones like the DS. So why let a competitor run with you? And if Karl, who was rather inconspicuous, thought he was being overlooked during the model cleanup, he had been wrong. This small car, designed for everyday use, also had to say goodbye this year. He also has the wrong surface with his GM platform and will no longer compete against Peugeot 108 or Citroen C1. As if that weren't enough, another Opel model disappears from the market: the Cascada. Here it is less about new strategic orientations, but rather that the great (registration) period of the convertibles is over.

Fiat has removed the 124 Spider from its range in Germany

Is that also the reason why Fiat has removed the 124 Spider from its range in Germany? The roadster, which, like its tuning offshoot from Abarth, comes off the assembly line in Japan together with the technically closely related Mazda MX-5, has sold around 2016 copies here in the country since its debut in 7.400. Not really a bad value for the now tiny roadster segment.

Ford Grand C-MAX. (09/12/12)

The big time is also over for another vehicle category. Vans, once favorites of families and representatives with space requirements, have become discontinued since customers preferred SUVs. This trend now falls victim to Ford's compact, 4,38-meter-long Van C-Max and its slightly longer offshoot, the 4,52-meter-long Grand C-Max. After the removal of the smaller B-Max (2017), van fans will only find what they are looking for in the S-Max and Galaxy - at least for the time being.

The Volvo V40 also says goodbye

The Volvo V40 is hit for two reasons: it is not an SUV and is on the wrong platform. It has been on the market since 2012 when it was the last vestige from the time when Ford set the tone at Volvo and was a technology donor. The compact probably does not get a classic estate successor, instead it should come as no surprise that a crossover model takes its place, and that in a very modern way with electric drive.

The Kia Soul is only electric

The trend towards more vehicles with electrical support, be it as a purely battery-electric variant or as a plug-in hybrid or mild hybrid in order to comply with the CO2 guidelines specified by the EU, is causing motor thinning at Seat Mii, Skoda Citigo and VW Up. The three group triplets are no longer available with combustion engines, but only as e-speedsters. The electric dwarfs are priced in fairly cheaply so that customers can help to lower the group's CO2 emissions cut and thus avoid expensive fines. There is also a range of approximately 270 kilometers. Kia also removes the traditional engines from the angular soul and only offers it as an electric car.

The best attributes of the seventh Corvette generation are combined in a new limited special edition. As of now, coupe versions of the Grand Sport and Z06 Corvette models are available as Final Edition.

Emissions and CO2 regulations also mean the end for the iconic Corvette and Camaro sports cars in Germany. The last two remaining Chevrolet models will disappear from the German market.

Jaguar Land Rover_2018

At least once the Jaguar XJ is gone. The flagship production ceased in July. This ends an era of over 50 years with the British. The current model, which has been available since 2010, competed against the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class. A possible successor model - then purely electric - would be positioned against Tesla Model S or Audi E-Tron GT.

Similar to the Jaguar XJ, the end of the Maserati Granturismo is not really noticeable in the registration statistics. The luxury sports car offered as a coupé and cabriolet has been sold around 12 times in the past 40.000 years, of course worldwide.

The Skoda Rapid was not as successful as hoped, so it was discontinued when the new Scala debuted

Slightly more units have already been produced by the Skoda Rapid. However, the cheap model of the Czechs was not as successful as hoped, so it was discontinued with the debut of the new Scala, which is a real compact and close relative of the VW Golf.

For 2020, let's take a look into the crystal ball and predict that not every remaining convertible will experience the spring after next. Notorious doomsayers even think that entire brands will rethink their existence in this country. We'll know more in a year.

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