# BAA15 - When auto bloggers keep up with the times

We gave 2012 the first Auto Blogger Award. That was a great idea back then. At that time, the car bloggers involved surprised the online world. We took a role model at auto, motor und sport and presented our own award. Okay, no awards ceremony, no trophy. Without pomp. As bits and bytes in the electronic vastness of the web. Great! Yes, it was really great. Back then.

When auto bloggers go with the times ...

In 2012 there were 27 bloggers who met for the “jury”. 27 car blogs, which at that time still approached this topic with pathos, with passion, but also with a very special attitude. Jan Gleitsmann from auto-geil.de initiated this campaign at the time and the goal was clear: we wanted to be noticed in the automotive industry. We also wanted to award a prize. We wanted …

I was there again with 2013. And the 27 blogs became 31 blogs. It may have been the year of auto bloggers. A lot of fresh, new, young blogs and their equally motivated bloggers were added. However, a few bloggers from the first year were already missing. First signs of fluctuation in the scene. 2013 was generally a year of change in the blog scene.

2014 found 28 auto bloggers and presented the awards again. 

For the first time I was no longer involved in the voting for the “Blogger Auto Awards”. Over the course of 2014, the auto blog scene has diverged further than was ever thought possible. Am I complicit? Certainly. For me, many developments in the auto blog scene were unsustainable. At the same time, I was responsible for parts of this development. I received my first press test car from HONDA in autumn 2010. With the start of the first blogs, I worked hard to establish the blog scene. Many nasty and senseless e-mails exchanged with press departments. Always in the back of your mind: automobile blogs are becoming as important in the field of the engine press as the big websites. Not because of the range, but because of the commitment, the credibility, because of our passion.

Auto blogs, quo vadis (another kitten died?)

But what has developed over the past 5 years can often only be endured with foreign embarrassment. New drivers without a technical background suddenly wanted to take on the job of experienced motor journalists. Assess and evaluate. In addition, a catastrophic external presentation. Sentences that revealed the content with great difficulty.

No - in 2014 I made no secret of the fact that I no longer like to say what I am myself. A car blogger. The scene has changed. Luxury limousines are requested, test cars are completely dirty and ridden together and everything is done under the guise of “car blogs”. Thank you.

Am I wrong?

Yes. Auto blogs are not the solution. Not in general. The pearls turned out much more. Those who put a lot of work into their blog, those with a good writing, the blogs that are run by “bloggers” who are familiar with the subject. Would you like some examples? With pleasure!

Fabian of autophorie.de / It may be that he struggles with technical details from time to time, but he has had a great development over the years.

Sebastian from passiondriving.de / A real petrolhead, someone who can move to the limit with his car, who understands what is going on in the differential and who can put it into words.

Axel from bigblogg.de / Again someone who stays on the gas, who knows the technology, who sniffs gas and then asks for a lookup. A really big one.

Fabian - of course Fabian. Started with his blog asphalt question, landed at Evocars, jumped to Switzerland for radical-mag, Austria for the venerable Autorevue and is now typing for the new PS magazine in the world. Everything that applies to Seb and Agsl also applies to Fabian. And probably a little more.

There are still a few. Maybe a handful. Among them are great copywriters, great photographers, great bloggers. Or petrolheads with a real idea of ​​the matter. But only rarely can one do everything equally well. That also applies to me.

Over the last few years I have put all my energy into this blog. Tactics changed, visual language tried and meanwhile taken a path that has less and less to do with “blogging” itself. With the exception of this text. This is another “blog article”. Free away, free out.

I recently heard from a highly valued chief editor that the era of auto blogs is over. 

If you watch the scene, you could get the feeling. Or you look a little deeper and notice that this scene is also becoming more professional. Some manage the refinancing, others slip back into the hobby environment. Is one of them better than the other? No. But it will further complicate the way industry and bloggers work together. If you have just got used to inviting these “bloggers” to the events, you have to invest more energy again in the future. You have to consider which blog is important for the day-to-day business of the industry, such as an auto newspaper, a daily newspaper, an online magazine. And what blogger just wants snacks and creates lines for miles. Industry can utilize both. I've seen that often enough in the past 5 years.

autohub.de and the future

I liked blogging. And when I read this post here, fly over it again, then I missed that feeling a bit. But autohub.de shouldn't be a “blog” anymore. Every time I ask myself what is the value of this and that article of mine. I keep asking myself, who did I write this for? And will he, the reader, then say: Now am I smarter? That has resulted in bringing less gossip. More professional depth. That has led to co-authors. And that meant that I would have refused to participate in # baa15. Because here too you have to ask yourself: What for?

To love the industry? Oh please. 

Because you just want to say what you think is great? Well, there might be a reason - but it won't come out in # baa15.

I miss the innovations, I miss the opinions. Nothing has developed from the Blogger Auto Awards in 2012. Without meaning - without value. This is a pity.





PS: And everyone who asks now, what does this text bring to the “inclined but immaculate” Autoblog reader who was stranded here in search of equipment, driving experience, criticism and praise?

Fair question. Probably and at best a feeling, a look “behind the scenes” ... otherwise it's just a blog article. And still, yes still, it is still “autohub.de” ...

PPS: The cover picture runs under “grumpy old man talks”… 😉



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