Railway strike? 6 days long?


Everyone should be happy in his opinion. Who is in a union Yeah, I'm a Verdi member, he can also exercise his right to strike. Because of me. Doesn't bother me. Go by train? I strictly refuse. Public transport? Annoying!

And whether the GDL (union of the rascals?) Really does itself a favor with the announced strike of 6 days in a row? I doubt it.

As a full-time automotive blogger, I don't have anything to strike anyway? I work myself & all the time, so this strike fuss is a little strange. Striking railway employees. Did that actually exist back then? So when not only the rails belonged to the general public, but also the railways that ran on them?

No idea. But if I were a victim of a strike in the coming week, I could find out. Or not.

Because presumably the people who are now affected by the strike have no time for such Google search escapades. They have to see how they get from A to B. Without train.

Honestly - dear GDL - strike 6 days in a row?

I really don't care. But if you asked me how to do complete self-dismantling, how to get rid of all public backing - yes, I would probably recommend going on a really long strike. Only meets your customers. The people who have paid your rent so far, feed your families and have kept all this nonsense going by train ticket.

Sorry - I have no sympathy for this strike. I don't have to either. It doesn't affect me. But I appeal to all Deutsche Bahn employees not to follow the call for a strike. You are not only harming yourself, you are harming the whole community. You kick your customers in front of the shins with a running run. You gambled away all sympathy. And with “sänk ju vor träwelling” it wasn't too big anymore.

With this strike, the GDL scourges an entire nation. It's time for politics to take history and deprive this freaky union of any foundation!


..and that says someone who doesn't have to take the train!


[= ””] For more information, please contact theDeutsche Bahn hotline at 0180-699 66 33 and on the Homepage of the railway.



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