Big picture: Le Mans 2015

Porsche wins in the second year after the Le Mans return!

Can one speak of a historic victory? No. A victory with an announcement. If you send the two strongest brands in the Volkswagen Group to the French hinterland, you can assume that one of the two brands will win. The return of Porsche to the race track on the Sarthe in 2014 heralded the “Sieger Brandchange” with an announcement. That is calculation. In the end, however, motorsport always remains a game with fire, as the rough accidents in recent decades have shown. To face the challenge, to fight, human, team and machine against the “others” - in the LMP 1 class that not only shows a “fat” wallet, it also shows courage.

And if you win the toughest and fastest 24-hour sprint race, luck was gracious and the preparation, the vehicle and the team performance were “unique”. Still, I wouldn't say historically.

Porsche wins at Le Mans in 2015!

The LMP1 project manager at Porsche Fritz Enzinger and the chief technology officer Alexander Hitzinger can rightly be named on the same list as the drivers of the winning vehicle: Nico Hülkenberg, Earl Bamber and Nick Tandy (Porsche Supercup winners) have their 17th overall victory today Bagged for Porsche in Le Mans.


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The winning vehicle in 2015

Winner in the GTE-Pro category: The Chevrolette Corvette. Le Mans 03 winner 2015 Le Mans 04 winner 2015 Le Mans 05 winner 2015 Le Mans 06 winner 2015 Le Mans 07 winner 2015 Le Mans 08 winner 2015 Le Mans 09 winner 2015 Le Mans 10 winner 2015 Le Mans 11 winner 2015





All photos: Bernd Schweickard (awr / mab)

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