Blogger road trip


3 vehicles, 3 days, 3.000km, 6 Blogger

The time is running! Are you in?


The first blogger road trip will take place from September 7th to September 9th and is already “fully booked” - but we welcome everyone who stays in contact with us during the road trip!

3 vehicles

We will do the road trip with 3 different vehicles from one manufacturer. The aim of the road trip is not only to have the greatest possible fun while driving, but also to "experience" the make of the car. What makes a manufacturer unique? What advantages or disadvantages has a manufacturer repeated across its vehicle classes?

It will not be a comparison test - it will be an “experience through experience”.

3 days

No bullshitting. No press conferences, no small talks. The blogger, the car and the street. For 3 days and in the end, the impressions you have experienced count - nothing else. No press folders, no USB sticks. No pre-chewed bits of information. 3 days a manufacturer and 3 days the opportunity to get to know 3 models from one manufacturer intensively.


It will not be a “lap around the block”, it will be exhausting day stages full of extensive asphalt strip experiences. Blogger or Memme? Only real petrolheads fill 3.000km in 3 days! The blogger road trip is only for blogging petrolheads, gearheads and automobile nerds. A distance that others prefer to fly - a point of honor for motor bloggers to cover this distance in the car!

6 blogger

Blogger, online, network publisher or old-school journalist with a new home on the internet? No matter. It counts the fun on the road trip!

1 road trip

The first appointment is already fully booked - but we look forward to everyone who “joins” and stays in contact with the “road trip bloggers” virtually - online, on the blogs, on Twitter or wherever.


There is still an appointment for 2012 (Status relevant: booked up) and for 2013 3 more road trip dates are available.

One thing is certain: every road trip is unique. And every road trip is planned individually for the blogger, the manufacturer and the cars driven! And if you want to be there - then get in touch with me. In which way? That is up to you and you should already overcome this hurdle 😉


Coming soon: The bloggers. The starting point. The distance. The goal. The trip. The photos. The blogs 😉… stay on the gas!





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