BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé - The "4 + 1" vehicle

BMW sends the 8er as a four-door coupe into the race

Last year BMW replaced the 8er with the 6er. After convertible and coupe, there is now a successor to the Gran Coupe.

BMW is now completing the 8er family with a four-door coupe. The third body variant after the two-door coupe and convertible comes to the dealer in September and is likely to be the first eight-model, starting under 100.000 Euro.

The 8 Gran Coupe wants to be the family-friendly alternative to the 8 Coupé, which is nominally a four-seater but extremely tight in the rear. The conditions are good, the new variant surpasses the model brother in every dimension - including wheelbase and height. Nevertheless, the muscular-sporty features are retained, making the 8er significantly different from the more restrained, elegant 5 sedan. Another distinguishing feature compared to the notchback model is the large tailgate, behind which up to 440 liters of luggage can be stowed. In the rear there are two molded individual seats, in case of emergency there is another passenger in between. BMW speaks of a "4 + 1-Seater".

BMW sends the 8er as a four-door coupe into the race

The first six-cylinder petrol engine in the 8er family celebrates its premiere at the engine program. The 250 kW / 340 PS strong 3,0-liter engine can be combined with rear-wheel and four-wheel drive and should push the price list significantly in the five-digit range. Above him, the V8 petrol engine with 390 kW / 530 PS known from coupe and convertible, the only diesel is an 3,0-liter six-cylinder with 235 kW / 320 PS. Both engines are always coupled with all-wheel technology. All variants have an eight-speed automatic.

In the technology range, the Gran Coupe makes generous use of the well-stocked BMW rack. On board there are, among other things, adaptive LED headlamps with laser high beam, numerous collision avoidance assistants, automated driving functions and a reversing assistant, which automatically drives the forward distance in the opposite direction - practically when parking out. There is also the latest infotainment system with voice control and digital instruments.

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