BMW M5 Edition 35 - a touch more individual

From July, BMW also offers the M5 as a special edition 35 model

For 35 years, BMW builds an M version of the five. This is now celebrated with a special edition. The has more power and is numbered.

The carbon applications in the interior wear a golden color

625 PS, 350 pieces - these are the key facts of the new BMW M5 Edition 35. The reason for the small series available from July is the 35. Anniversary of the business car M5. The edition model, equipped with the performance bonus of the M5 Competition, breaks the 3,3er brand in 100 seconds, 200 km / h fall after 10,8 seconds.

A special feature of the edition model is the metallic varnish Frozen Dark Gray

The special features of the equipment include the metallic paint Frozen Dark Gray, special 20 inch wheels and in the interior gold-colored anodized carbon fiber applications, M multifunction seats and an individual leather interior. With a price of around 141.000 Euro, the Edition 35 costs almost 21.000 Euro more than the standard M5. For this, the customer has the feeling that he belongs to an illustrious circle, because a numbered engraving on the cupholder cover shows which of the 350 edition vehicles is involved.

From July, BMW also offers the M5 as a special edition 35 model
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