Car-to-X can not be put on ice

In January 2020, Mercedes-Benz will start a cooperation with the Zollernalb district and will be examining how Car-to-X communication can improve safety on wintry roads and the efficiency of winter service. Southern Germany to test how Car-to-X Communication can be used to improve safety on wintry roads and efficiency in winter road maintenance.

In cooperation with Zollernalbkreis, Mercedes-Benz will test how car-to-x communication can improve safety on winter roads and winter service. Vehicles of the brand, which have Car-to-X technology and whose owners have activated Live Traffic Service, provide the necessary data in a pilot test. If the ESP or ABS sensors detect slippery road conditions, this is sent along with the position data via the mobile network in real time to the Daimler Vehicle Backend.

The anonymised information is presented in real time on digital maps in the two road maintenance depots of the Zollernalb district. This will make it possible in the future to use the winter service in a more targeted manner and to optimize the spread of salt. The pilot will start in January and run until the end of winter. The Zollernalbkreis is located in the administrative district of Tübingen in Baden-Württemberg. 

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