Car sharing balance: growth despite Corona

The number of car sharing users has been growing continuously for years. Corona did not change anything in 2020.  

The corona crisis only slowed growth in car sharing slightly. The industry association BCS reports a 2020 percent increase in the number of customers across Germany to 25,5 million people. The number of vehicles has also increased: by 2,87 percent to 3,5. Without the pandemic, the association would have expected stronger growth, especially in the number of locations, which only increased by 26.220 to 15 compared to the previous year.

The free-floating providers, whose vehicles are distributed throughout the city and do not have to use fixed stations, continue to have the largest share of the car sharing market. Last year they had 2,15 million customers and, with an increase of 36 percent, were also particularly strong in the overall growth. They also provided 14.200 of the carsharing cars and thus more than half of the fleet. However, there are only five providers in Germany, and they are only represented in 15 locations - usually large cities.

There are significantly more providers for the station-based models: 223 companies, associations and projects are represented at a total of 855 locations, including in cities with additional free-floating offers. With 12.000 vehicles, they make up slightly less than half of the total fleet, the number of registered customers at 724.100 is well below that of the free floaters. Compared to the previous year, the value increased by 2 percent.

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