China is becoming increasingly important for German manufacturers

More than every third new car from a German brand is bought in China. Ascending trend.  

China remains the most important foreign market for German car manufacturers even during the Corona crisis. In 2020, BMW; Mercedes and the VW group 38,2 percent of their worldwide sales in the Middle Kingdom, as the Center Automotive Research (CAR) has determined. That was around 5,4 million cars and at the same time corresponds to the highest proportion ever achieved. If the trend continues as expected by the experts, around 2030 million cars from German manufacturers will be sold in China in 9.  

The strongest German brand in China was VW with 3,8 million new registrations last year. That corresponds to a market share of a good 19 percent. Mercedes and BMW / Mini each came to just under 780.000 vehicles. Overall, the Germans have a market share of almost 27 percent and are way ahead of the Americans with GM (14 percent), Ford (3 percent) and Tesla (0,7 percent). The western corporations are getting pressure from the Asian and Korean manufacturers, who have been able to increase their shares thanks to a new trade agreement. 

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