China plans e-car quota - around every tenth car needs a plug

China relies on the electric car

The Chinese government is planning one Electric carQuota. According to a report by the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, a credit point system for car manufacturers is to be introduced that punishes the under-selling of electric models. The corresponding draft law is already available.

As of 2018, manufacturers would have to collect credit points for eight percent of their vehicles sold in China. The quota will rise to ten percent in 2019 and twelve percent in 2020. The necessary points are available for electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV). According to the report, if a manufacturer does not achieve the specified target, he must cut back production or - based on the example of emissions trading - buy credit points from other manufacturers.

The bill is apparently part of the Chinese plan to become the world leader in electromobility. Domestic brands could benefit from this policy, as they are already well advanced in electrifying their range of models. BYD, for example, was the world's largest manufacturer of electric and plug-in hybrid cars last year with 60.000 vehicles. The completely unknown electric sedan Qin in Germany alone found 32.000 buyers in China. However, German manufacturers are likely to face serious difficulties in meeting the requirements. VW, for example, would have to sell tens of thousands of E and PHEV models in China. The group brought just 47.000 units to customers worldwide last year. (Holger Holzer / SP-X)

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