Classic Cars

People have always been enthusiastic about vehicles of all kinds. Their thirst for knowledge and the desire for innovation have led to the cars we know on the road today. In between there was Milestones in the automotive industry again and againwho expressed themselves in certain models. Enthusiasm for certain models continues, even if they have not been built for decades.

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The Classic Car Community

There is a strong community around the Classic Cars, which developed from the enthusiasm for driving. People who participate in this community, the passion for classic cars and youngtimers, so just the love of the automobile. And so there are always meetings to show off the cars or rallies to showcase what's left of the classics. Of course, a very special market has also developed for Classic Cars. So popular vehicles in top condition are often sold at auctions. Such a classic car auction will take place at 27.02.2015 from Auctionata take place in Berlin. Popular classic cars from all eras and styles are sold online here.

For example, a Mercedes Benz 450 SEL from the year 1977 is waiting for a new owner. This vehicle has been completely restored and is therefore in an exceptionally good condition. The automobile manufacturer's flagship at the time was equipped with unusual technology. The provided with nearly 7 liter displacement eight-cylinder had at that time the highest torque in a car. It is 549 Nm. With this technical sophistication, the Mercedes 450 SEL achieved a top speed of 225 km / h. No wonder that the model is still in great demand today.

But there is also room for completely different models in the auction. A VW T2a Westfalia is also offered. This was built in 1971 and equipped as a camping car. With its characteristic appearance and many details, this model also embodies an attitude towards life, the freedom of the wild 70s. Classic car enthusiasts want to recreate this attitude towards life - each according to their interests. Such a vehicle is valuable family history, especially for families where the parents in the same model went on vacation many years ago.

Mercedes-Benz DTM012 Classic Center

The market for classic cars

The growing classic car market Of course, the market for these vehicles is also growing. Above all, it is about parts to keep the respective car in good shape. Some manufacturers also produce new parts for old vehicles, as some parts are in high demand. And of course, a large, worldwide enthusiast market has also developed around vehicles. In order not to lose track, certain categories have been introduced for classic cars. One of these categorization is the classification by age:

- Ancestor, until 1904
- Veteran, 1905 to 1918
- Vintage, 1919 to 1930
- Post Vintage, 1931 to 1945
- Post War, 1946 to 1960
- Class F, 1961 to 1970
- Class G, 1971 until the classic car age was reached

In this way, old and new fans of classic cars orient themselves and find their way in their passion.


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