CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake

CLS63AMG front

Five doors, very hidden. A creative innovation in the design language under the guise of the classic coupé design. Under the hood with the self-confident nose, a heart with the power of 525PS. Automobile eroticism is only veiled with the cover of a practical pretext, brought to life by the double-pressurized eight-cylinder berserk from the AMG manufacture.

525 PS for 1.550 liters of cargo space.

CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake

Lust and power under the guise of practicality!

CLS63AMG sideline

It's the end of the flagpole. The summit cross of the best-agers dreams. A glossy display for four-wheeled sex toys in a time of automotive erotic prohibition. CO2 values? NEDC fuel consumption? Cargo space and maximum usability?

The CLS63 AMG is a triumphant statement, a clear answer to the question of the meaning of automobiles. In the end, the pleasure counts. 525PS and a form so captivating that even people without an understanding of automotive culture fall into ecstasy.

What began as one of many studies at one of many automotive fairs has now reached its peak in Florence. Surrounded by the aura of a cultural stronghold, supported by the legends of the Medici family, I found myself for a brief moment in a sensory agony.

CLS63 AMG wheel

At both ends of the Shooting Brake the fascination for a happening of bliss comes together. If it is under the front hood of the bi-turbo V8 with its 525PS and 700Nm, at the other end it is fascinated by the 1.550 liter cargo space, which is not just an alibi, and its American cherry tree floor for the suitcase depot. What the designers would like to see as a homage to yacht luxury is completed by the powerboat thrust of the V8, which reacts quickly to performance requirements.

CLS63 AMG pleasure place

117.512,50 € will ensure that this extravagant performance of powerboat and land-based automobiles will remain a passion, a minimal dose of sensual pleasure in the context of road traffic.



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