City delivery vans - Daimler advertising made fun of!

I think the new advertising spot from Mercedes-Benz for the Renault clone with the name CITAN is actually quite successful. If only it weren't for the fundamental problems with “badge engineering”. I think it's just stupid and also risky. The BEST or nothing - whether you can keep this claim if you sell vehicles under your own label that were not designed yourself?

The Mercedes-Benz city delivery truck CITAN is to delight a clientele that has so far been particularly happy with Volkswagen and also with French and Italian manufacturers. The type of city delivery van is also popular with craftsmen and so attracts a large group of buyers, which has so far been neglected at Mercedes-Benz.

If there was still a “van offshoot” with the name Vaneo in the old A-Class, this version of the A-Class will no longer be offered in the future. The next size is the Viano in the Mercedes range, followed by the Sprinter. There was a gap below that at Daimler, after the Vaneo was discontinued.

Instead of their own design, Mercedes-Benz has done what many manufacturers like to do: enter into a cooperation and buy a vehicle model.

Mercedes-Benz found the French manufacturer Renault in this case and after a few months of adaptation, Mercedes sends the Citan into the race. If you do everything right? The future will show.

After all, the clip is entertaining:

Now there is also an answer to this clip - in good internet manner, the original clip is fooled into the answer clip:

How do you find this type of advertising - or the answer clip?

Which of the two clips is the one with the bigger entertainment value for you?

Disclosure: I was royally rewarded for distributing the video. No matter. The topic is exactly my opinion and also reflects my point of view.

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