Selling your own car - so easy!

Who drives an older used car, knows that certainly. Since you have parked only for five minutes on a public parking lot and already put such a business card in the side window!

"Want to sell a car?"

And what if you really want to sell your car? What if the summer has just knocked on and the Fancy a convertible has become overpowering? Should one then take these business cards seriously? The cards often look as if they come from a station machine and probably do so. Then there is a cell phone number, no imprint and who really wanted to buy the car, everything remains unclear. Often dubious offers are behind this scam. Once you start talking about the price, you've lost.

And give the car in payment to the dealer? 

Sure - that's an alternative, but what if the dream car is sold by a private individual? Then the only way to sell your own vehicle is via one of the well-known automobile stock exchanges on the Internet. But that too can be a real adventure.

"Hey - what's the final price?"

Often the conversations with the apparent prospects at the other end of the phone are the same. Is the car still there? What is the last prize? It quickly becomes clear to you that there is someone on the phone who doesn't want to drive the car himself. It's all about business. And anyone who is now under time pressure because the new car is already in front of the door runs the risk of succumbing to the temptation of a quick sale. In the end you lose 20 to 50% in this type of trade, because the buyer will quickly sell the used vehicle on again. And for a used car there is a value. Anyone who lets themselves be ripped off by “hawkers” will quickly lose a few thousand euros.

It has to be different! 

This is what the minds behind: “” thought and founded a clever service. This is how the company describes its own service:

Save time and nerves when selling a car! Advertise your vehicle today for free and without obligation on and you will receive an offer within 48 hours. Thousands of reputable and verified dealers place bids on your vehicle and we keep an eye on what is happening for the entire period of the sale. Save yourself unnecessary negotiations with buyers, we will take care of that for you!

And this is how the whole thing works:

If you want to sell your used car, fill out the online form. The first step asks which brand, which model, which year and what mileage the used car to be sold has. In the second step, the seller enters his contact information and what price he hopes for the vehicle.

My car broker 02 just sell a car

And then the work of

An employee of calls the customer back and goes through with him the details of the used car. During the phone conversation, the extras, the equipment and also the condition of the used car are clarified.

As soon as all data is available, the ad will be offered via on a non-public platform on the internet. Only tested dealers from a Germany-wide network have access to these vehicles. Similar to other platforms (, merchants now place their bids on the customer's vehicle.

At the latest after 48 hours, the customer gets the highest bid from this process presented and then decides whether he wants to sell the used car for that price.

Who does not accept the offer, according to the statement of, immediately and completely deleted from the database. The dealers participating in the sales process were all selected by and a contract on the spot, when picking up the vehicle, is excluded by contract.

My car broker 03 just sell a car

That sounds good!

When I was asked if I could advertise this, I looked at the offer and came to the conclusion that it sounds like a good idea. Instead of bothering with automobile exchanges, you offer your used vehicles to a select group of professionals. They, in turn, pay a fair price due to the maximum price procedure. And when the vehicle is picked up, there is no need to be afraid of having to renegotiate.

That sounds really good - doesn't it?






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