Humility in the desert. Found.

Habeggers dune of humility
Habeggers dune of humility

It was a breathtaking day. After a wonderful breakfast, there was a short 60km drive into the heart of Sossusvlei Park. To the dunes. These rise up to 300m into the liberating blue sky. The drive there also led through a short stretch of deep sand and the Yeti was allowed to let off steam.

Of course there will be a nice video about this. There will of course be more to this and everything else later.

Now it's just about my personal lesson in humility.  Sometimes there are these days, when you learn or otherwise, you are lucky enough to gain experience that leads to a learning process.

We had a small brunch at the foot of the dunes and enjoyed the excellent planning by the organizer. Who can say he ate scrambled eggs in the desert? Seriously. The climb to the dunes was imminent and I wanted to climb this dune like everyone else. Enjoy this view.

The first third went. The second third went less and less. The breath was simply not enough. The sneakers (unfortunately without the necessary insoles) filled with sand - and with every step in this soft sand the pain in the left knee grew. No breath.
Above all, no breath. And the realization:

Habeggers dune of humility
Habeggers dune of humility

Untrained desk perpetrators, little girls and old men are also running in front of me - but I, the Habegger who wants to get to every summit - is out of breath.

I took a oath while lying halfway
stayed. I'll be back. 30kg lighter. And I'll run up this dune In this life. With or without a Skoda - I'm still walking up this dune!

I will upload the vow on video after the return. As a motivational aid. To me. And for other people who do not understand why it is important not to overweight through life to roll! People get up, move. Does not lose the goals, lose weight.

I have tried this automotive blog in an extreme profession and am proud of my intermediate goals achieved so far. And I will climb this dune! In this life.

..stay tuned. (If there is still wlan tomorrow, of course there will be a report from Namibia)


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