The new folding trailer for all camping fans

Camping in a tent is not comfortable enough for many. A caravan or a mobile home is in turn too bulky or simply too expensive for many. Now there is a new folding trailer that is "Take off“And was developed by a company in the Netherlands. You don't need a powerful SUV with all-wheel drive and, above all, an extra driver's license for the caravan to pull this trailer.

What does the new folding trailer offer?

The Fiat 500 is not exactly a car that can pull heavy loads with ease. With the new camping trailer, it is apparently possible to pull a maximum of 750 kilograms, because that is the gross vehicle weight limit of the Fiat. The trailer has a low profile and is therefore significantly less sensitive to cross winds, as is the case with a classic caravan. In addition, the driver has clear view to the rear, a large, special rear-view mirror is also not necessary. Even the fuel consumption, measured against the conventional camping models, is kept within limits thanks to the better aerodynamics.

Simply unfold

At the campsite, the trailer can be opened in a few simple steps and the camping holidaymakers can make themselves comfortable. Der "Take off“Has two long benches in the direction of travel that quickly turn into a comfortable bed. With its 160 by 205 centimeters, the folding trailer is large enough to accommodate two people. There is a small table in the middle and a small kitchen with a sink and a hob. A special feature is that the kitchen can be expanded and, if desired, set up outside. Other practical utensils can also be stowed away in the drawers under the benches.

Unfortunately no shower

Unfortunately, the folding trailer does not offer a shower or toilet, there is simply not enough space. For very urgent In cases, however, there is such a thing as an emergency toilet that is also stowed in the drawer. You can't even complain about the price, the simple version is available for 13.665 euros.

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