The exoticism of publishing


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then -

then you win.

A quote from Mahatma Gandhi and the man is well versed in how to change a system.

Once again the time has come, the established colleagues are getting nervous. Recently at a press event of an automobile manufacturer from the Czech Republic I had to listen to the original sound what engine journalists make of engine bloggers: The studies and the editors in the publishing house and quibbles like: “ is not the last week .. ”it was“ .. past week .. ”Well - I've learned to control my blood pressure, slowly rub my earlobes and think:“ Wuuuuhsa ”. The journalist doesn't want to be disturbed in his dream bubble. Let him go back to sleep.

But today it is time again.

“Car bloggers don't want to be read”

This insane headline is used today by a Stefan Anker in an online column in the world. In addition to the polemical headline, the rest of the text also has some nice generalizations. After the first “head-table” reflex has been overcome, I read the article a second time in peace. And with every line it becomes clear that someone here - sitting high on horse - is writing with his old weapon against the windmills of his future.

Funnily enough, the good Mr. Anchor the number of comments equal to the total reach. And after Mr. Stefan Anker has proven that he has no idea about the Internet, he also gets lost in the assumption - there is only one type of reader and he wants it World read. Understandable. The “world picture” of the publishing industry is shaky. Paper has been patient and the dream of reach has often been colored in with absurd numbers. But now - now she has to Springer sect uh, the online offerings of the Springer publishing group, some already far advanced in the network worlds, make money.

This is where these bloggers come from - this snotty guard of new media people and turns the Buffett society upside down in the old press.

One can only congratulate my colleague Jens Stratmann, he had the size, in his Report on the meeting with the deadwood correspondent, not to say a bad word. And congratulations number 2 to my colleague Jens rad-off Stratmann, because he left such a formative impression that Stefan Anker felt compelled to defend his guild.

Also entertaining is the reference to one's own tendencies to “gibberish” - presumably the last remaining Springer correspondents must be able to do this - because otherwise the rest of the content on the offers of the big publishers will be bought by media agencies, their text -Quality often only differs in the number of named standard equipment details.

A personal word to Stefan Anker: Don't worry too much - if the publishing houses continue to act online as haphazardly as before, you still have the opportunity to write your own blog. Our readers like to talk. And after a few tough years at the beginning, you too will find a readership. Hopefully.


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