The retrofitting for the diesel has failed

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Many experts were against it, but as the pressure from politics increased, the cars that run on diesel should be equipped with new catalytic converters. But this conversion was hardly carried out at all, which has serious consequences for Deutsche Umwelthilfe.

Failed across the board

It was the Greens, the ADAC and, above all, the German Environmental Aid who called for the hardware to be retrofitted to older Euro 5 diesel vehicles. But this call went unheard and the campaign failed across the board. There were hardly any diesel owners who wanted the subsidies provided by the automakers. Daimler alone did not even have to subsidize 900 systems for retrofitting with 3000 euros, at Volkswagen it was only 195. There are several million Euro 5 diesels on Germany's roads.

Only effective when driving is banned

The actual number of retrofitted diesel vehicles could be slightly higher. The fact is, however: a broad retrofitting, as it was actually intended, has not even been achieved. The vast majority of the retrofitted diesels most likely come from the greater Stuttgart area, because there was the first and so far only driving ban for diesel with the Euro 5 standard. 

Millions invested

The manufacturers have invested millions in the systems for retrofitting the diesel. The very complex technology had to be adapted to specific vehicle models. It was preferably the so-called volume models, such as the VW Passat or the Mercedes E-Class. Retrofit kits were also available for some Volvo and BMW models, but there was no demand. The whole concept of hardware retrofitting has obviously failed, customers no longer ask for this solution at all. As is so often the case, the credibility of the politicians that were under pressure to get the approval and grant procedures under way has lost its credibility. Auto experts had warned the politicians that what remains is perhaps the largest emissions scandal in German automotive history, which has cost millions and brought nothing.

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