Dunlop sports tire on the A45 AMG

Mercedes-AMG equips the new model A 45 AMG with 19 customs tires from the factory with the Sport Maxx RT.
The high-tech sports tire will be mounted exclusively in the size 2013/235 R35 19Y in 91 and offers an excellent level of grip, excellent braking performance and a special tire construction tailored to the all-wheel drive of the compact sports car.

"For the new A 45 AMG we started working with Mercedes-AMG at an early stage to define and develop the specification of our Sport Maxx RT",

says Dr. Bernd Löwenhaupt, Director Automotive Engineering at Goodyear Dunlop.

"Of course, the performance-oriented four-wheel drive 4MATIC was new territory for us here. For this we have used a concept in the RT specification for the A 45 AMG which includes a very special carcass construction with aramid reinforcement ",

continues Löwenhaupt. This allowed a minimal braking distance and a maximum grip level on both 2013-06 Sport Maxx RT on A 45 AMG_ tiresbe achieved dry as well as on wet roads and at the same time sporty and very balanced handling behavior. After extensive tests, together with Mercedes-AMG, especially on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the high demands of the A 45 AMG on grip, braking performance and sportiness could be met.

So far so good, the press release from Dunlop. Personally, I was able to drive the A45 with exactly these tires on the new race track on Bilster Berg and found the entire vehicle extremely harmonious. The A45 AMG runs around all bends like a wild pig with this tire - that was really good fun.






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