In which city are the most charging stations?

In which city are the most charging stations?

Anyone who wants or has to charge their e-car or plug-in hybrids at a public charging station should pay attention to where they live. City dwellers are not always at an advantage.

Not just around the corner in every city

Instead of going to the gas station, owners of an e-car or a plug-in hybrid have to go to a public charging station or to their home wallbox. In cities in particular, however, not everyone has a garage or parking space with a power connection. All that remains is the drive to the charging station. However, as a Statista graphic shows, the charging station density is very different in Germany. In absolute terms, there are most public charging points in Munich (1.185), Hamburg (1.096) and Berlin (1.052). Smaller cities like Stuttgart (423), Regensburg (241) or Leipzig (225), Dresden (205) or Essen (179) are far behind.

The charging options in Cologne can still be expanded

In relation to the number of inhabitants, there is arithmetically one charging station for every 1.200 inhabitants in Munich, around 1.600 in Hamburg and 3.600 in Berlin. Regensburg has the best ratio of population to charging stations. A charging station only needs to supply 697 Regensburg residents. Incidentally, Cologne has the worst ratio in relation to the number of inhabitants. The Rhenish metropolis with a good one million inhabitants has only 222 charging stations, so that in theory 4.800 people in Cologne have to share one charging station.


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