E-car bonus

Renault tops the list of environmental bonus applications

The environmental bonus remains in high demand. There was also a flood of applications in December.  

In December, the number of applications for the environmental bonus reached a monthly record high for the sixth time in a row. The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) registered a total of 58.365 applications. Of these, 31.973 were battery-only cars and 26.930 were plug-in hybrids. Two applications were made for fuel cell vehicles.  

In the whole of 2020, 419.987 applications for the e-car bonus were submitted. Pure e-mobiles accounted for 249.874, plug-in hybrids 169.933 and hydrogen cars 180. The most popular model was the Renault Zoe e-car with almost 46.000 applications ahead of the BMW i3 and VW E-Golf. When it came to brands, VW landed ahead of Renault and BMW with almost 58.000 applications.  

A total of 6,18 billion euros is available for the e-car bonus. Of this, 4,09 billion euros come from the federal government and 2,09 billion euros from industry. The exact number of vehicles ultimately funded depends, among other things, on the number of applications and the type of vehicles applied for that will still be submitted in the future. 

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