Reasons for buying an electric car: Environmental protection way ahead

Anyone who opts for an electric car primarily wants to protect the environment

For a few months now, the demand for electric cars in Germany has been comparatively high. Financial incentives are probably not the reason to buy.

By far the most important reason for buying electric cars in Germany is environmental protection. As a survey commissioned by the insurer DEVK showed, 43 percent of those questioned see this as the most important decision criterion. Well behind are noise abatement at 21 percent, followed by the environmental bonus (19%), “support progress” (17%) and lower maintenance costs (15%).

33 percent of those surveyed, however, see no reason at all to buy an electric car. Electromobility skepticism was particularly pronounced among women and older people in the survey. Around a quarter (24 percent) of all respondents categorically excluded the purchase of an e-car, with the proportion of women at 28 percent and those over 55 years (32 percent) above the average. In the group of 18 to 24 year olds, only 1 percent wanted to rule out buying an e-car.

For 38 percent of those surveyed to be able to purchase an electric car, the purchase prices of the vehicles would have to fall. 37 percent also want a higher range, 31 percent the expansion of the charging infrastructure.

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