Electric E-Type is coming in 2020 - oldie in modern

2020 also offers Evolution E-Type its E-Type conversions with an electric drive

Vintage cars may be pleasing to the eye, but they are usually a nuisance due to the lack of cleaning on the exhaust side. However, a new conversion offer for the Jaguar E-Type puts an end to this.

SP-X / Darlington / UK. The English company Evolution E-Types has been restoring historical E-Types for some time now and is also equipping them with modern technology. The Restomod specialists have, for example, air conditioning, power steering, LED lights, power windows, modern braking systems and other chassis optimizations. Starting with 2020, you can order an electric drive as an alternative to the petrol engine from Evolution.

The conversion specialist Electrifi is responsible for the emission-free drive technology. In the case of the E-Type, a good 336 kW / 456 PS electric motor is to be used, which should allow a sprint time from a standing start to 100 km / h in four seconds and a top speed of more than 270 km / h. Battery size, range and charging times have not yet been mentioned.

The electric E-Type will remain a rarity, because so far only three E-Types have been converted per year. The company is busy with orders for 2019, but is already taking orders for 2020. In view of the prices alone, there will not be an excessive number, because at least 400.000 euros are already being converted for the standard conversion. An electrical conversion is likely to consume more than twice.

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