Small electric vehicle regulation passes Federal Council - the e-scooters can come

E-scooters with 20 km / h maximum speed are allowed in the future in German road traffic

For a long time, it was announced and was the subject of intense debate. Since today, the Electric Vehicle Regulation has been anchored in the Highway Code.

For many months, the media are not tired of announcing that electric scooters and other small electric vehicles are soon allowed for use in German traffic. The corresponding ordinance (eKFV) was officially approved today by the Federal Council. However, the final version contains fewer freedoms than initially thought.

A special feature of the originally presented by Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) version of the electric mini-vehicle regulation was the introduction of a category to a maximum of 12 km / h fast Ministromer, with which one may also use footpaths. Against this special regulation, however, formed strong resistance, which ultimately led to the deletion of the passage. This leaves it with vehicles, which are maximally 20 km / h fast and which are equated with the Wegnutzung the bicycle. For the use it needs no driver's license and no helmet, the age limit is 14 years. For the vehicles one needs an insurance but no registration certificate. The safety features include lights, side reflectors, a bell and two brakes. In addition, a handlebar or support rod is required. Unlike bicycles, e-scooters are subject to the blood alcohol limit for motor vehicle users. This usually means 0,5 and for drivers newcomers even 0,0 per thousand.

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