First ride: Mercedes-Maybach S600

It's just 50 kilograms more in weight, but at least 20 centimeters more in length. I am impressed by both. Both create a feeling of perfection, a feeling of abundance. Luxury is shaped in it. On the Shapes.

With the new Mercedes-Maybach S600, Mercedes-Benz is reopening the chapter “Luxury Chauffeur Sedan”. At this point we don't want to philosophize about the success of the first Maybach resuscitation. Let the dead rest. Or so.

This time we do everything differently, this time we do everything better. This is how you would have thought it in the heart of the Daimler headquarters.

“As it stands here, this car is superior to the competition”.

dr hermann-josepk storp

Quote: Dr. Storp, chief engineer of the S-Class, photo from the video clip by 5komma6

First drive in the new Mercedes-Maybach S600


You know this feeling. I hope the reader knows it, otherwise it will be difficult now. This comforting weight. This satisfied opening of the eyelids after the fourth glass of wine, a long flight and long days of work. You want to turn around, sleep. Because the body sends all signals that it wants to finally come to rest.

The “test drive” with the new Mercedes-Maybach S600 was the first test drive that did not take place at the front left behind the leather-covered and even more comfortably tempered valance of the test car. Instead, at the back on the right, in what is probably the most comfortable single seat in the world, which not only smells of leather, but can also give a massage, even at a speed of 120 on the motorway. Whereby the motorway and its influences are left out. But that's not so much the seat, among other things, it's 20 centimeters more outer length and 50 kilograms more weight.

And in my case it wasn't four glasses of wine, it was just one. But JetLag and travel time did the rest. Maybe it was just the seats and the quiet. But after getting in, it took little more than 45 seconds for the eyelids to become heavy, the head to curl up in the pillow twice, and it was difficult for me to stick to the facts in my thoughts.

How was it? The Maybach is also “just” an S-Class?

Yes, but about 20 centimeters longer. That can make the difference between impressive and very impressive. The 50 kilograms more weight comes from the “small” ideas with the big effects. Door sealing profiles that have been converted from the classic lip profile to thick tube profiles, so that no wind rustling disturbs the sleep of the beautiful and the rich.

Additional sealing and insulation foils under the seat system in the rear, an engine compartment encapsulation for the V12 turbo gasoline engine, which is otherwise used to silence the diesel engine. Or special damping in the rims, so that the annoying vibrating and roaring noises are eliminated from the tire. The Goodyear Eagle F1 is mounted and with the additional silencer the entire chassis becomes a whisper.

A lot of effort in detail for the second Maybach attempt. This time, no new wash-up in two wheelbase variants will bring the black zero, this time Mercedes will shape the “Maybach brand” into its own luxury line for the luxury world of Mercedes automobiles. A Maybach SUV? Yes why not? A Maybach without a roof? Yeah, probably too.

mercedes maybach s60021 test drive usa

A Maybach without V12? There are already!

If you can do without the 830 Nm of the Bi-Turbo V12 in the aristocratic S600 Maybach or if you simply don't want to tempt your chauffeur too much, you can treat yourself to the cultivated freedom and luxury of space and tranquility with an eight-cylinder engine and that Order S500 Mercedes-Maybach. But then an elementary building block is missing. The typical starter sound of the twelve-cylinder. Do not you know? Phew. That says a lot about you! Think about it. 

But no matter whether 455 hp in the V8 or 530 hp in the V12, no matter whether 7-speed in the V12 or 9 in the V8, the luxury of the Mercedes-Maybach is its driving comfort, its calm, its noble character.

The fact that “only” the S-Class is underneath can be seen from the purchase price. A Mercedes-Maybach starts at € 134.053,50. That sounds like a bargain. Not? Well - it's definitely a clear sign. With the new Maybach you will not repeat the mistakes of the “old” Maybach, because the “Nobody has ever been rich".

mercedes maybach s60020 test drive usa

Snoring at 200 km / h

The smell of leather, the incredibly good noise insulation, the effective effect of the Magic-Body-Control chassis and the cozy massage of the back seat do not miss their effect. Instead of actually testing the Mercedes-Maybach, I let myself be carried away to the dream wonderland and chase after the little sandman. Meanwhile, my feet rest in a lambskin. Without shoes, of course.

I no longer needed the silver goblets and the champagne bottle in the refrigerator between the rear seats. Gently slumbering, I enjoy the most luxurious test drive ever. At the same time, the lying comfort exceeds the business class of Lufthansa, you don't think about the ridge of the Deutsche Bahn here. Bahn Card drivers are unlikely to get lost in the rear. More like people who like to fly to Vegas in a private jet. That is the level.

In my dreams it all fits me well ... 

World premiere006 Mercedes-Maybach S600

Traffic light aspirin

The chauffeur steers, the passenger snores. Until we arrive in Santa Monica. It's got dark around us. The soft “puff” of the massage stamp in the leather-covered executive chair, four meters behind the V12, slowly penetrates me through the waking up phase. A jolt before a red light. Our chauffeur probably wants to tell us that he would have liked to have used the more than 500 hp differently instead of driving us through the wine region of California. This finally makes sense for such a test drive.

There is almost 200.000 € (S600 Maybach) in front of the pier in Santa Monica and Mercedes-Benz forgets the ultimate Maybach assistance system. No, it is not the aspirin dispenser in the glove compartment for the red wine headache after the wine tasting. 

Task accomplished, test run ended, deficiency found. The ever-critical motor journalist in me wipes sleep from his eyes, stretches and thinks about how he should formulate his criticism in sentences ... 




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