Your opinion is needed.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT design


I want your opinion!

Is missing a bit of culture? The design? The good taste?

In 2015 the blog concept will change a little. Again. For a few days now my driving reports and new presentations have been proofread. A colleague corrects the articles and takes care of the spelling. It was just necessary. It has been necessary for a long time. In my opinion, this process is one of the important processes when talking about the quality of a blog. It is not enough to paint flowery pictures and to know the technology. It is also not enough to be able to balance a car around corners. In the end, a certain language level should emerge. And that should be free from careless mistakes.

Point 1 of the changes: a lecturer.

I don't need a second opinion either - but now, now I need your opinion.


Point 2 concerns the content of

From January, the content of and sp-x will support “own content”. In day-to-day news business, the content is too short-lived to have to create great cultural depth here. And ampnet and sp-x, in addition to journalistic professionalism, completely display the daily updated content. However, we will not bring the contents of the two editorial offices to the front pages. The content is necessary for the daily news business with the search engines. We will not accept any content that we would otherwise have been left out of. sp-x and ampnet will support their own content, not replace it. Automobile manufacturers who invite to appointments, events and new presentations will receive an even deeper one in the future and wider coverage. Automobile manufacturers whose test vehicle fleets are open to us are given more range. The important thing is: We will not become an SEO-BLOG in the future either. The premium seats, the headlines and the greatest weight receive our own content.

How do you like that?


And now: is missing the graphic elegance? The culture? The style?

You can see a graphic above, just like that from the wrist. Four photos, cool fonts and twang. Do you miss that kind of “style”? Should work with such graphics in the future? Do you need it? Should items like the AMG-GT with such graphics be made “fresh”?

Or this example here:

A pretty cool example of possible added value. Large image formats with the possibility of interaction.

Do you like that? Would that further increase the information and entertainment value of

So speak now, or be silent forever ...

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