Fährste across, see more- my wife in the drift-taxi from Falken

My wife doesn't really play a role in this blog - so far. Because at the weekend she was allowed to take a lap in the Falken drift taxi. It was the Sunday before the start of the race and FALKEN had invited. I, however, I was prevented - that's why I appraised the friendly PR professional from Falken, just to put my wife in the car.

However, my wife didn't know about it at the time - I just assumed that she would enjoy it 😉

The photos will probably speak for themselves 😉

Hawks 01 Drift Taxi Hawks 02 Drift Taxi Hawks 03 Drift Taxi Hawks 04 Drift Taxi Hawks 05 Drift Taxi Hawks 06 Drift Taxi Hawks 07 Drift Taxi Hawks 08 Drift Taxi

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