Driving Report: The new Škoda Fabia

It is the latest models that are turning the Czech automobile manufacturer into a real volume brand. The most successful importer in Germany? Well, anyone who seriously wants to see the VW subsidiary as an importer must see it that way. But no matter where the automobile manufacturers are based in the EU, the C and B segments are actually “Volkswagen-Land”. VW Polo (B segment) and VW Golf (C segment) determine the direction of travel. It is all the more astonishing how much success the group subsidiary is allowed to be. The new Octavia? He has never been closer to VW products. But he was always a little taller. It's different with the new Fabia, which is right at home in the “VW Polo class”.

First ride in the new Škoda Fabia

The better car for the people?

Sensual clarity Some call their design language, others stand for clear lines, clear edges and large surfaces. As a timeless and modern I would describe the formal language of the Czechs, but always very clear with the loan in Wolfsburg. Experiments should make the other manufacturers. The new Fabia is a philanthropist, for that matter. The fact that the logo has been made a little bigger and now a kind of metal nose grows into the grille should be understood as the maximum risk in the design of the current Skoda. The rest impresses with simplicity. A Bauhaus style on wheels.

skoda fabia 07 test ride 2015

Rest room

It is a little strange, but the new Fabia is not on the current MQB platform of the group, at least not completely. Probably it was not yet time for the Fabia and so a little profit should indeed throw off even more attractive priced Škodas. So was a mix of proven components and MQB assemblies implemented. The result is still extremely good!

The new Fabia should take the benchmark in its class (with the VW Polo) in the area of ​​driving noises and background noises. The ride comfort is immensely good and somehow already ranked one vehicle class higher. The electric power steering lets you feel the road, the chassis has been finely balanced and the Fabia, this “cheap” city car, fulfills all wishes for an even more valuable vehicle for the trip around Lisbon.

Škoda offers seven engines for the new Fabia, including a basic three-cylinder with 1.0 liter displacement and 60 and 75 PS, a 1.2 liter four-cylinder turbocharged in two power levels (90 and 110 PS) and three diesel engines from 75 to 105 PS. If you decide in favor of the small three-cylinder, you also get a small car with a curb weight of 980 kilograms.

I was interested in two engines for the first test drives. The “as good as” basic petrol engine with 75 hp, because despite a record empty weight of less than 1.000 kilograms, this is a very contemplative engine. Engine number two is probably the best-selling engine for the new Fabia, the 1.2 liter turbo with 90 hp. 

Škoda Fabia 1.2 TSI (90 PS) - Style

Terrifying how well the Fabia drives with the 90 hp turbo engine. Turbo lag? Unavailable. The 160 Nm strong four-cylinder pushes the trigger just above idling speed and lets the Fabia scurry nimbly across the street. More efficient? The desire does not arise on the speed-limited motorways in Portugal. The 1.400 Nm are fully available from 3.500 to 160 revolutions. With the 90 hp, the Fabia is not an asphalt milling machine, but a sovereign small car.

The entire “driving experience” package in the Fabia looks so wonderfully mature. It doesn't boom, it doesn't rattle, it doesn't rattle. It simply rolls confidently across the street and gives a great feeling of peace and security. The fact that you can travel so comfortably in the polo segment at this price is likely to be the surprise Auto Year 2014 to record!

The interior convinces with clever details, more below then more. For 16.920 the 90 PS Fabia in the style equipment offers unfortunately only one 5 gear transmission, the 6 gear transmission (also manual) remains the 110 PS engine reserved (as well as the 7 gear DSG box for the 90 PS TDI and the 110 PS gasoline are reserved), but the style version offers a comprehensive equipment.

This includes safety features such as the front radar with emergency braking function, but also the radio system with SD slot and Bluetooth, the 15-inch alloy wheels and a light assistant.

Škoda Fabia 1.0 MPI (75PS) - Style

While the 90 PS Fabia with a turbo charger from 1.2 liter displacement still has 160 Nm, the only 1.0 liter small basic engine not only has to do without a cylinder, but also on the performance-enhancing aid of the air pump. And that leaves 95 Nm, which can be drawn from the 999 cm³ three-cylinder petrol engine as power. Whether it is 60 or 75 hp makes no difference. The 60 HP motor basically only stops earlier (6.000 rpm), while the 75 HP motor turns up to 6.200 revolutions.

While the 90 hp engine ensures a satisfied grin on the driver's face, the 75 hp petrol engine struggles joylessly on the first tour around Lisbon, but its sound is grumpier. This performance-related self-mortification doesn't really make sense. Even when taking a gondola through the city, you shy away from the highways within a large metropolis and then the fun finally stops on the mountain. Of course, the running gear is not worse due to the sapless engine and the curb weight of 980 kilograms is also present in the back of the mind and is perceived as “ingenious”. And even if the three-potters run smoothly, there is simply not enough around.

You have to squeeze the little engine out pretty, so you come on country roads in the fun area. Because even the smallest engine has got a very well tuned chassis. Even change curves and abrupt load changes make the Fabia behave and stable. Great praise for this!

Clever is someone who offers clever things

Modern engines, slimmed curb weight, impressive noise behavior and an armada of clever or practical ideas. The package of gadgets is rounded off by the consistent integration of the smartphone.

Mirror-Link provides seamless integration of the smartphone into the infotainment system in the car. Docked via USB cable, the phone lands in the tray. The most useful apps for driving a car are then operated via touchscreen in the dashboard. These are currently apps for navigation, audiobooks or parking space search. When using the system, you can sense at what early stage the technology is, but for the first time (okay, after the VW Polo), a manufacturer offers a multimedia connectivity system that is ahead of smartphone manufacturers and app providers and not the other way around. That the "Mirror-Link ”system will prevail, even if there are currently only two cell phones that are supported, I take it for granted. The times of special apps to connect your own car to the mobile phone, the times of duplicate content and end devices to be synchronized are finally over with Mirror-Link.

In addition to the most modern infotainment package on the market, the new Fabia also offers the expected clever detail solutions: the soon to be legendary ice scraper in the fuel filler flap, the small nets on the sides of the front seats or the trash can for the door storage.

The conclusion remains:


No, the Czechs are not cheap anymore. Now they are attractive. Attractive in price. Attractive in design. Simply attractive. Have the most modern infotainment package in the segment, modern engines and also offer a compelling driving experience.

The new Fabia starts at € 11.790 and is available from the 15. November at the Škoda dealer.

This makes the new Škoda Fabia the “better Volkswagen”.


[tabgroup] [tab title = "Technical data:"]

Škoda Fabia 1.2 TSI (90 PS) - Style

For sale: from the 15.November at the dealer
Base Price: 16.920 €
Engine performance: 1.197 cc
Drive and transmission: manual 5 gearbox
Acceleration: 10,9 seconds from 0-100 km / h
Fuel consumption: 4,7 liters on 100 km
maximum speed: 182 km/h
Length, width, height, wheelbase 3.992, 1.732, 1.467, 2.470 mm
[/ tab] [tab title = "WWTBO?"]

What would the blogger order ??

Clearly the 1.2 liter TSI with 90 PS. However, the ambition equipment would suffice me. I could also ignore the upbeat two-color finishes, but in any case order the Mirror Link system.

[/ tab] [tab title = "Good to know"]

Three-cylinder with and without turbo

The developers were able to make significant progress with consumption and emissions of the new ŠKODA Fabia
achieve. Result: Fuel consumption is reduced up to 3,1 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions
on only 82 g / km at the ŠKODA Fabia GreenLine (in 2015). The impressive improvements are
Result of a completely new generation of gasoline and diesel engines as well as radical
Weight reduction on 980 kg in the top and improved aerodynamics.
In total, four petrol engines and three diesel engines are on offer for the Fabia. All engines meet
the EU 6 emissions standard and have automatic start-stop and brake energy recovery
(Recuperation). The gasoline engine power range extends from 44 kW (60 PS) * to 81 kW (110 PS) *. The new
Three-cylinder diesel range offers 55 kW (75 PS) * to 77 kW (105 PS) *. The 55 kW unit is in Fabia
GreenLine available from 2015.

[/ tab] [tab title = "Tips:"]

How the others experienced the new Škoda Fabia:

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[/ tab] [/ tabgroup]


Photos in the article: Škoda / Cover Picture: Škoda

If it is not enough for the Škoda Fabia in 1: 1, then maybe for the right model car?

The Škoda Fabia as a 1:43 modelModel Car World presents:
foto skoda fabia model car

Škoda Fabia II (2006)

Scale: 1:43 - metal / plastic - finished model
Abrex - No. 140909

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