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If so, then right

Two things have surprised me in my test period with the Ford Ranger Wildtrak. On the one hand the good workmanship and on the other hand how fast I got used to this kind of automobile. Now the more than 5 meter total length is nothing that you want to search for a parking space in the city center every day, but thanks to good all-round visibility, park-beeps and rear-view camera can easily master this task. In addition, the high seating position and the clear, angular shape of the Ranger ensure exclusive all-round visibility.

A car that wants to be just as successful in the outback of Australia, as in the winemakers in South Africa and a horse breeder in the heath, that can only be well prepared for everyday life. If you treat yourself to the Wildtrak version of the Ranger, you will also be spoiled with completely unusual charming talents under the cover of a rustic workhorse.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 07 Driving Report

Prices and equipment

The basic variant with 125 PS diesel, single cabin and in the basic equipment stands with 27.245,05 € in the list. Even cheaper it is without four-wheel drive. The XL with rear-wheel drive costs 25.525,50 €

The Wildtrak with its extensive equipment, the four-wheel drive and the large five-cylinder diesel costs at least 39.686,50 € in the version with extra cab and manual six-speed gearshift. If you are looking for the full package, you will get the double cabin with 6 automatic stages for 42.007 €.

As one is used to from importer vehicles - and the Wildtrak remains an importer model as a “One Ford” and a Ford location in Cologne - a look at the surcharge list does not bring much more enlightenment. The wildtrak comes in series with the Ford navigation system, the reversing camera, the fat 18-inch wheels and a special partial leather interior.

The only temptation would be the “Mountain-Top” load compartment cover (aluminum roller blind for the loading area) for € 1.904 and possibly the “Sheriff” mudguards for the oil pan and tank. So you are on the safe side when your next vacation is not going to Lake Garda, but to the rough outback.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 11 Driving Report

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[Cross list]
  • Perfect all-round view
  • Powerful engine
  • Good suspension tuning
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  • Grummeliger engine with loud nailing after the cold start
  • The sheer length.
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Ford Ranger Wildtrak 09 Driving Report

I would have liked that from the Ford Ranger Wildtrak:

  • A four-wheel drive with lockable differentials and xenon or LED headlights instead of the simple halogen lights in the front.


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Comfort: 32 of 45 points

[Arrow list]
  • Space feeling riders: 8 of 10 points
  • Sitting position driver: 5 of 5 points
  • Air conditioning: 4 out of 5 points
  • Trunk u. payload: 8 out of 10 points
  • Driving noise inside: 4 of 5 points
  • Assistance systems: 3 out of 10 points
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driving pleasure: 18 out of 40 points

[Arrow list]
  • Highway: 3 out of 10 points
  • Car Tracks: 7 out of 10 points
  • City: 1 out of 5 points
  • overtaking: 2 of 5 points
  • Acceleration: 2 of 5 points
  • V / max: 3 out of 5 points
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Cost: 18 of 30 points 

[Arrow list]
  • Purchase: 8 of 10 points
  • Options list: 4 of 5 points
  • Insurance: 2 of 5 points
  • Warranty period: 1 out of 5 points
  • Depreciation: 3 out of 5 points
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Power Type: 22 of 40 points

[Arrow list]
  • Engine: 7 out of 10 points
  • Transmission: 5 of 10 points
  • brakes: 7 out of 10 points
  • Sound inside: 2 of 5 points
  • Steering feel: 1 of 5 points
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Environment: 14 of 30 points

[Arrow list]
  • Test-Consumption: 7 of 10 points
  • CO² according to standard: 3 out of 10 points
  • Exterior noise: 4 out of 10 points
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Quality: 9 of 15 points

[Arrow list]
  • Gap outside: 3 of 5 points
  • haptics: 3 of 5 points
  • noise: 3 of 5 points
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Judging matrix

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 03 Driving Report

  • Total score: 113 / 200 points
  • Driving report: Ford Ranger Wildtrak Doka 3.2 TDCi 4 × 4 

The conclusion:

If so, then right!

Cities are getting bigger, but so is people's love of adventure. The more urban we live, the more we enjoy the little excursions into apparent freedom. The Ford Ranger is not just for people who also use their cars as work tools. The Ford Ranger is primarily a game as a game - an offer to escape from everyday life.

And if so, then right - then with the large 200 hp five-cylinder diesel and a wildtrak in bright orange!

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Many thanks to the car manufacturer for providing the test vehicle! This vehicle test was carried out with the support of the manufacturer. Incidental costs for the transport and the transfer of the vehicle shall be borne by the manufacturer. The article was nevertheless created without being influenced by the manufacturer. The opinion presented here corresponds to my own opinion and was not controlled by the car manufacturer. If you think I'm too stupid to formulate my own opinion on this car, please read another blog. (: Thank you.

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