Driving Report Mercedes-Benz C250T CDI 4matic

At this point I could make it very easy for myself and write: The combi version of the C-Class with the Daimler additive 4matic for all-wheel drive and in connection with the nerd diesel 250 is a perfect choice for every driver. Point.

With that, I would have said everything and fully mentioned which details of the formerly stupid combination of craftsmen with a star on the hood make a small luxury escape for sales representatives. And I would have summarized the overall result comprehensively enough.

Even if I have decided to evaporate the extra long driving reports a little bit, I won't make it that easy for me - so go to the driving report about:

Mercedes-Benz C250 CDI 4matic T-model

No taxi called and still happy at Daimler.

All-wheel drive, diesel and station wagon - what more do you want?

Classic station wagon: As much as the sales figures for SUV, compact SUV and crossover models go through the roof, the classic station wagon is not yet extinct and Mercedes-Benz is traditionally one of the brands that always have a high proportion of "station wagons" in their own sales statistics can. The C-Class “T” is no exception. Even the latest facelifted C version still looks so conservative, as if it had to win a company car tender in the Vatican State.

Potent diesel:  Mercedes, taxi, diesel - find the fault? There is no error. It is a combination that is as classic as it is successful. Efficiency and longevity are the pillars of Daimler's success among cab coachmen. With the 250 diesel, however, the Stuttgart shoot the bird. Rarely has a diesel engine been as little diesel as this engine. This modern bi-turbo diesel engine has been cultivated sustainably, as if the phlegm of the old W123 diesel had to be vigorously promoted in the history books of the Moroccan taxi drivers' union.

Clever all-wheel drive: Power is nothing without control - This is the advertising claim of a tire manufacturer and anyone who packs the supposedly inexperienced Mercedes station wagon buyer with a 500 Nm strong power diesel, is absolutely obliged to ensure that this power does not come up in blue tire smoke. With the Daimler 4matic system, care is taken.

What your heart desires? An economical diesel. A powerful diesel. A dynamic diesel and all with all-wheel drive, automatic and packed in the inconspicuous shell of a station wagon. Mission Accomplished?

  • Model Name: Mercedes-Benz C-Class
  • Equipment:  Avantgarde
  • Test car Price: € 66.033,10
  • Basic price series: € 45.904,25
  • displacement: 2.143 ccm³
  • Power:  from 204 HP
  • maximum speed: 230 km/h
  • Acceleration: 0-100: 7,4 seconds

Doomsday at the Mercedes dealer:

It remains a constant source of surprises. It costs a splendid C-Class in this combination with the efficient and sporty diesel engine in the 45.000 Euro series, and yet it is easy to pack additional 21.000 Euro extras into the vehicle.

Would you like some examples of why everyone - and I really mean every buyer of a C-Class - cannot get out of the vain struggle with the surcharge list without this latest day of revelation?

For example, there is the “Intelligent Light System”, a bi-xenon headlight version with high beam assistant, cornering light and adapted light distribution depending on the driving situation - and anyone who has experienced this manifestation of light becoming in just one single dark night will be hooked bet even if a further 1.660,05 euros are due for this.

Or the air conditioning of the front seats: for Hartz4 recipients, seat heating is essential, if you really want to make an impression, you can not only warm your seating set, but also flood it with fresh and cool air. This also works as a boon in winter - a kind of air breath fango bath for stressed back muscles. My favorite setting here was the seat heating on 2 and the ventilation on 2 and then the seat heating warms the back and the constant ventilation of the seat ensures air circulation that prevents "sweating" and the formation of unpleasant hotspots. Simply brilliant and worth every single euro of the € 1.285,20 surcharge!

In the end, you pepper the proud sum of almost three new Dacias, in the form of small extra hooks on the order list, over the table of the friendly Mercedes dealer. A little, uh: strange.

I have to say something about this:


204 hp and 500 Nm between 1.600 and 1.800 revolutions are the performance data of the energetically working bi-turbo diesel. And if you don't experience it, you won't believe it - the bold ease with which this diesel engine sprints across the rev range in the direction of 4.200 revolutions. You won't find a sportier diesel in the middle class!

Seven-speed automatic:

Daimler is proud of the seven-speed automatic transmissions that it has developed and manufactured in-house. But it was precisely in this test car that I was not convinced by the Daimler machine. The work ethic is too rough, everyday life is too hectic. Here I would have liked an eight-speed machine from another major manufacturer. Still, a statement remains: If Daimler, then automatic!

Taxi driver:

Not only the sound of the oil burner under the star-bonnet bonnet, but also the baroque design of the interior is more reminiscent of function-oriented public transport cabins than a car with the proud equivalent of 66.000 euros. The C-Class is 2013 in the last year of its model cycle - I think we will be presented with the first clear pictures of a new generation by the end of the year. And then the time of this exaggerated sober functionality in the C-Class should have passed. If you orientate yourself to the lifestyle of the new ones A-Class, the C-Class should also become more modern.


Yes, why not just make your own claim: " The best or nothing" also substantiate with a real statement about long-term quality? Why not just say: Yes, our cars are so good - we are happy to give a 5-year guarantee on these vehicles (or more!).

It would be a good thing for a German premium automobile manufacturer if he didn't just leave the customer-friendly long-term guarantee promises to the Asians. Here you could make a real impression with a statement about your own quality!


Why do you have to do everything differently when it comes to steering column stems in Stuttgart than the rest of the automotive industry? Why do almost all functions have to be packed into the left turn signal lever? I can't understand it - I don't see any advantages and I have confused the Distronic-Plus lever (cruise control with distance wheel) with the indicator lever and vice versa umpteen times. It's frustrating!

If you can't get anything from the SUV stove drive, you're driving a C-Class with all-wheel drive, automatic and flagship diesel, almost squaring the circle of automobiles.

The pricing and, above all, the surcharge list is a KO declaration for every employee current account.

  • Test consumption min: 4.9l over 100km
  • Test consumption max: 10.2l on 100km
  • Test consumption cut: 6.5l on 100km


  • Seat position and adjustment options for the driver.
  • The diesel engine that wants to be a sports engine.
  • The foolproof driving behavior.


  • More personality and individuality in the interior concept.
  • The wiper lever on the right.

Does not work

  • The surcharge list.

Comfort - 19 out of 25 points

  • Suspension empty:  4 of 5 points
  • Loaded suspension: 4 out of 5 points
  • Driving noise inside: 4 of 5 points
  • Standard equipment: 3 of 5 points
  • Assistant Systems: 4 of 5 points

Driving behavior - 21 out of 25 points

  • Curve handling: 4 of 6 points
  • Stability Vmax: 6 out of 6 points
  • Driving pleasure subjective: 2 of 3 points
  • Acceleration: 3 of 4 points
  • border area: 6 of 6 points

Cost - 16 out of 25 points

  • Base price: 2 of 6 points
  • Equipment cost:  2 of 6 points
  • Consumption: 6 of 6 points
  • Maintenance: 2 of 3 points
  • Depreciation: 4 of 4 points

Drive - 20 out of 25 points 

  • Running culture of the engine: 5 of 6 points
  • Acceleration: 4 of 5 points
  • maximum speed: 3 of 4 points
  • Transmission: 2 of 4 points
  • traction: 6 of 6 points

Total score: 76 / 100 points

At the end...

Taxi drivers trust Mercedes-Benz and the Pope also drives a Daimler (M-class special item)

For me personally, Mercedes-Benz was always too “conservative”, not “youthful” - but in the meantime I have long escaped adolescence and I felt very much at home in the C-Class. I found the C250 CDI 4matic even more suitable for myself than they did M-Class with the same drive package.  By the way, I will write my own blog post about this successful implementation of one engine (250er Diesel) in three vehicle concepts.

In this combination of powerful diesel, clever but unobtrusive all-wheel drive and the proven concept of a combination model, this C-Class is simply an automobile that can really fulfill many wishes.

Makes motorists' hearts happier - the scoring also says this:

Ranking: 76 out of 100 points

There is no room for discussion: The points result in an overall ranking and are comparable across all vehicle classes - as they are directly and objectively based on the model class and target group. The more points, the better the vehicle. A sports car cannot achieve 100 points because its everyday use is low. A family van may fail in the “straight performance”. The ranking is of course completely subjective - it is that my-car-blog Ranking. Bjoern Habegger

PS: The purchase price of the test car makes checking accounts unfortunate!

My test result is not for sale and was therefore created without the manufacturer's influence or control!
Nevertheless: Thanks to Mercedes-Benz for the test vehicle.

Lyrics: Bjoern Habegger | autohub.de | 2013 |  by-nc-nd

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