Driving report: Mercedes GLC - measure and center

In addition to the eight-cylinder AMGs, five four-cylinder engines are available for the start

If at Mercedes, the major overhaul mid-life of a model is pending, unlike some other manufacturers are not messed up. The GLC not only receives new engines and the most modern infotainment system. Also with the assistance systems and not least with the optics a lot has happened.

SP-X / Frankfurt. Including all coupe variants, then Mercedes has seven SUVs at the start - from the compact GLA to the dimensions of the blasting GLS. As so often, however, the center promises the greatest success: From any SUV model series, the Swabians sell more vehicles than the GLC, in total since its launch in the fall 2015 already more than 1,5 million copies. As usual, after three to four years of running time, Mercedes brings the series in the summer now thoroughly revised at the start. In addition to some optical, the changes include many technical improvements; The new, more fuel-efficient engines and the MBUX infotainment system, which is already highly praised in the A-Class, deserve a special mention. The price list starts at 46.240 Euro for the GLC 200 and ends at 95.180 Euro for the GLC 63 S with 510 PS. The almost 90-side list of additional fees still holds many delicacies ready. After all: Neungang automatic and all-wheel drive are standard in all versions.

The engines also look at the middle variants. At the start are next to the eight-cylinder AMGs five four-cylinder engines available, two gasoline and three diesel. All drives are new to the GLC and promise less fuel consumption and more driving pleasure. In addition, they all comply with the 2020 Euro 6d standard.

Interesting is the comparison between the similarly powerful and comparably priced versions GLC 300 and GLC 300d. The gasoline engine comes on 190 kW / 258 horsepower (plus short-term additional 10 kW / 14 horsepower per boost) and costs from 53.585 Euro. The diesel makes only marginally less with 180 kW / 245 PS and is about a thousand cheaper with a base price of 52.425 Euro. For the fun driver, the sparkling and quieter gasoline engine will still be the first choice. Especially as equipped with a 48-Volt system with belt-driven starter generator petrol engine provides an additional electric boost of up to 14 PS, which proves to be quite pleasant, especially during overtaking. However, it does not stay at the slightly higher base price, the consumption is also significantly higher than that of the auto-ignition with 7,1 to 5,7 liter. In practice, the difference is likely to increase, takes the gasoline engine but in forced driving a much greater extra than the more frugal, but also less lively and slightly grumpy diesel. The remains therefore mainly for frequent travelers continue to be the first choice.

In addition to the changes that are customary in a major overhaul because of the reasonably cost-effective modifications to the rear, front and radiator grille as well as additional chrome elements, the GLC now always has the infotainment system MBUX on board. That listens to "Hey Mercedes" and is likely to be the most advanced system on the market today. Whether you need the extra charge and responsive gesture so-called interior assistant, we leave at this point once graciously left undecided. If you would like to spend some extra money, you might prefer to think of the multibeam headlamps (1.460 Euro), with which the standard LED light is significantly enhanced.

Mercedes has always been a leader in driver assistance systems and is constantly integrating new systems from top to bottom in the vehicle classes. The Distronic distance assistant, in cooperation with the steering assistant, now automatically adjusts the speed in curves or at intersections. And if you want to add a little more driving comfort, you can use the optional air suspension instead of the by no means uncomfortable steel spring system. Here it is possible to order adjustable damping (Body Control), then the damping is controlled individually for each bike depending on the speed, driving situation and road condition.

The GLC presents itself after the extensive revision more than ever as the almost flawless premium SUV of this class. You may not get the most visually exciting or curvy-looking vehicle with it, but you're always on the safe side with a purchase. The GLC embodies what is increasingly lost in other areas of life: measure and center - and in the best sense of the word.

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