Bike carrier comparison test 2019 - a question of weight

If you want to go on vacation with four bicycles in tow, you should pay close attention to the payload limits

Bicycle carriers for the trailer hitch can theoretically accommodate up to four wheels. But some already scratch at the payload limit on two bikes.

There are many ways to transport bicycles by car. If you want to go on a long trip, however, bike racks for the trailer hitch are particularly popular. The ADAC tested eleven of these rear carriers - at prices between just under 200 and around 700 euros - for their behavior during the crash test, for their own weight and load weight, as well as for safety and handling. One conclusion: a good carrier does not have to be expensive, but for the two cheapest copies it was only enough for a "sufficient".

If you want to go on vacation with four bicycles in tow, you should pay close attention to the payload limits

In addition to these two test losers, the ADAC has rated five models as "good" and four as "satisfactory". Test winner with an 1,9 is also the most expensive candidate with 700 Euro, Uebler i31, for which there were top marks in the categories of handling and design. As a total runner-up (2,0) and in the crash test by far the best in the test environment, the VeloSpace XT3 by Thule is recommended, which in the best case is available for around 520 Euro. Price-performance winner is the Eufab Premium 3. The carrier offered from 330 Euro came in third with an 2,3.

A total of eleven candidates were compared. After all, five received the grade “good”


An important aspect of the test was the question of payload and weight. Since the limited vertical load of a trailer hitch only allows moderate loads, lightweight developers are basically in the advantage. Here, the test winner of Uebler with 16,4 kilogram was the best. With Mft's BackPower model, it can be problematic to transport more than two wheels given its own weight of over 30 kilograms when it lands on 9. For the two last-placed SR3 plus from Bullwing and the Alphard Plus from Menabo, a maximum of 20 or 15 kilograms per wheel is permitted, which already largely excludes the transport of pedelecs.

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