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Advantages & disadvantages - conclusion:

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Cheap was yesterday. For a long time, the price was the best argument for buying a Korean. With the qualities of the current generation, this should then be finally done. However, also because a Hyundai is no longer “cheap” these days.

Equipment and price

With a base price of € 31.830, the Hyundai i40 station wagon in the premium version is no longer a bargain. Then there is the fact that you can only order the relax package with the coolable front seats and the memory function for the electric driver's seat as well as the technology package with the parking assistant, tire pressure control and lane keeping assistant, if you order the premium version. When fully equipped, the total price of the test car adds up to over € 38.000. A proud price.

But Hyundai still has an ace up his sleeve. Because unlike the German premium manufacturers, Hyundai relies so much on their own work that the customer is an 5-year warranty WITHOUT mileage limit on the vehicle.

Hyundai i40 estate in side view


  • Good suspension tuning
  • Great sense of space
  • Long manufacturer's warranty


  • Tired engine
  • Bad all-round view
  • -

The consumption:

  • Everyday driver without a thrifty foot: 7.8 liters per 100 km
  • Eco-expert with a green toe: 5.6 liters per 100 km
  • Field workers with full throttle desire: 9.5 liters per 100 KM

What I particularly liked about the Hyundai i40:

  • Outwardly, the i40 looks like an average combo for average families. His real values, however, recognize who is working with him. A car that carries the mink inside. 

Hyundai i40 cargo space

That's what I wish for the Hyundai i40 Estate successor:

  • A more powerful diesel engine and a larger adjustment range for the driver's seat. 


Comfort - 21 out of 25 points

  • Sense of space:  4 of 5 points
  • seating position: 5 out of 6 points
  • Driving noise inside: 4 of 4 points
  • haptics: 4 of 5 points
  • Assistance systems: 4 of 5 points

Driving pleasure - 9 out of 25 points

  • Highway: 2 of 6 points
  • Car Tracks: 4 out of 6 points
  • overtaking: 0 of 2 points
  • Acceleration: 1 of 5 points
  • V / max: 2 of 6 points

Cost - 15 out of 25 points

  • Purchase: 4 of 6 points
  • Options list:  4 of 6 points
  • Insurance: 2 of 5 points
  • Maintenance: 3 of 3 points
  • Depreciation: 2 of 4 points

Drive - 17 out of 25 points 

  • Engine: 3 of 6 points
  • Transmission: 4 of 5 points
  • brakes: 4 of 5 points
  • Sound inside: 1 of 3 points
  • Consumption: 5 of 6 points

Hyundai combi back

Total score: 62 / 100 points

Hyundai i40 Kombi 1.7 Diesel - the conclusion:

Clever combination

In the meantime it not only looks really European, it also convinces with a quality in terms of workmanship and choice of materials that was previously unknown for Korean automobiles. With the i40 station wagon, the Koreans offer exactly the mixture of economical diesel and practical station wagon that is in demand on the market. In terms of acquisition, the i40 Kombi is no longer a bargain, especially as a well-equipped “Premium” - but the five-year guarantee is a real argument for family and private car buyers!

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Many thanks to the car manufacturer for providing the test vehicle!
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