Flying car PAL-V Liberty - take off for the start of series production

The Liberty from PAL-V is said to be car in aircraft in one

If there is traffic jam, just fly over it - this imagination should be followed by inventors who work on flight cars. The scene of the aircraft manufacturer is vital. Among other things, the Dutch company PAL-V has been working on such a system for several years Hybrid-Gefährt. Now the Liberty car, called Liberty, has received all the necessary international approvals to be able to take part in traffic as a plane and as a car. In 2018 it should officially come onto the market.

Technically, the flying Liberty is a gyrocopter

Technically, it is a gyrocopter, which can also be seen in the two-seat cabin, which has a shape that is quite typical for autogyroes. In this case, the passenger compartment is closed, equipped with headlights and also stands on three larger wheels. Thanks to this, the Liberty is supposed to drive on the ground like a car. The vehicle, which is just over four meters short and weighs just under 700 kilograms, is powered by a 100 hp engine when on the road. The flying Dutchman sprints from a standing start to 9 km / h in just over 100 seconds and reaches a top speed of 160 km / h.

Alternatively, you can fold out the air control elements at the rear and a rotor with a wingspan of almost eleven meters in a few minutes to take off. Typical of gyrocopters is a rotor that only turns passively due to the wind, which provides buoyancy but does not drive the Liberty. A 200 HP propeller in the rear is responsible for this. Accordingly, the Liberty cannot start vertically, but requires the start of a runway that must be 180 meters long and 30 meters wide. However, a landing is possible on the spot. In the air, the flight car reaches a cruising speed of around 140 km / h, and 180 km / h is possible at the top. The maximum flight height is a good 3,5 kilometers, the radius up to 500 kilometers.

If you want to move the Liberty, you need a car license as well as a flight license and a good 600.000 euros for the purchase price of the so-called Pioneer Edition. This is a highly personalized luxury version. The standard variant will then be called Liberty Sport and cost a good 360.000 euros. Down payments and reservations are already being accepted. The first deliveries could follow this year. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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