Free on Wheels

Driving a car is part of your own freedom. Not only do I see that, but also Manuel von “Free on wheels”Sees it that way. The tough difference: I can get out of the car in the parking lot and get on without a wheelchair.

Manuel Niederberger has been in a wheelchair since 2000

Manuel has been a “quadriplegic” since his serious car accident - that's what his sister-in-law wrote to me. I got this from Manuel on Vimeo looked at, saw the accident car and Manuel in a wheelchair. What tetraplegic means exactly, I had to google but first.

The cause is loud Wikisource Mostly damage to the spinal cord in the cervical region, which means that all four limbs may be affected by paralysis. With Manuel, it does not seem to have gotten so bad with the poor, after all, he has retained the mental power to move forward on his own in a wheelchair.

And Manuel not only wanted to move the wheelchair himself, he also wanted to be able to enjoy the freedom of the automobile himself. So we both stand on this desire, the fun and the feeling of independence in driving a car. More importantly, we both had a similar wish!

Road trip through the USA

While it was relatively easy for me and thanks Mercedes-Benz was also incredibly cool - Manuel had to solve completely different tasks. For example, how it is with the wheelchair in the airplane, or how to get a rental car that is equipped with hand throttle.

Four weeks through the USA - Manuel Niederberger shares his impressions on his blog…

I think it is simply terrific and wait for the next article by Manuel.



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