Pedestrian Emergency Brake: Only SUBARU really can!

Edit: Unfortunately the video is no longer online. ams has it "deleted"?

Pedestrian emergency braking technology has long ceased to be a privilege of expensive luxury limousines, and even small cars are now equipped with complex assistance systems. The auto, motor und sport editor Heinrich Lingner has tested six city safety systems from expensive to cheap for their reliability.

There is no longer a new car presentation without talking about assistance and safety systems. And when it comes to talking about the advantages of these systems, the worst case scenario is always assumed: personal injury. All the more important are the emergency braking systems that recognize pedestrians and then drop anchor in time.

Germany's most renowned automobile magazine has now done the test and checked the function of “pedestrian emergency braking systems”. The result?


subaru eysight 03

It is all the more interesting, only the new Subaru Outback with his Eyesight system really "spared" the pedestrian. The rest of the representatives riveted the dummy more, sometimes less violently. One disappointment and the question is: what do you pay the premium for if the systems don't deliver the success that is promised?


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