Geneva 2013 - The trade fair highlights! With video!

The Geneva Motor Show is the starting point for the European Motor Show Year. And this year, too, this fact was duly celebrated. With a colorful mix of world and European premieres, over the next few days the visitor can experience the diversity of the automotive market in a concentrated manner in a few halls.

The very personal highlights I summarized in this article:

My top 10 of the Geneva Motor Show

Place 10: The Alfa Romeo 4C

Long awaited, eagerly awaited and yet - there is at least one major criticism of the new sharp Alfa Romeo. The strange shape of the headlights doesn't really please. Simple headlights would have been sufficient. These insect eyes are “too much”.

Geneva 2013 005 Motor Show Top 10


Place 9: The new Octavia as a station wagon

The killer - that's what AutoBild calls the new Octavia from Škoda and is right. A golf spin-off has never been so perfect. And the new Octavia station wagon is no exception. Perfect design and an incredible amount of space in the trunk.

Geneva 2013 010 Motor Show Top 10

Place 8: Honda Civic Tourer Concept

Hey Honda: Do not mess around for long, bring us this station wagon! Germany United Kombi-driver country, we need the Civic Tourer and you, you need him too. I'm already on the first exit in a Civic Tourer with the modern 1.6 diesel engine curious; excited!

Geneva 2013 006 Motor Show Top 10

Place 7: Infiniti Q50 2.2D

With the new Q50 Infiniti brings a sporty-elegant sedan to Germany and for the first time a model with a 2.2 liter diesel engine. Anyone who wonders where this engine comes from, should look around, who still has a powerful 2.2 diesel engine on offer. This Q50 could cause concern in the premium sedan market.

Geneva 2013 008 Motor Show Top 10

6th place: Mercedes-Benz CLA

The Baby Benz with a trunk, the most elegant A-Class of all time or the king of the wind tunnel. With the new CLA, Mercedes-Benz is currently overrunning the prejudices about old-fashioned models. Was a “little” four-door from Stuttgart ever so sexy?

Geneva 2013 007 Motor Show Top 10


5th place: Toyota FT-86 concept vehicle

The GT 86 was the turnaround for the green Toyota brand. Finally a sharp and emotional sports car from Japan. And it is still affordable. It was only a matter of time and now Toyota is presenting a study that tastes good - on a GT 86 without a roof! The FT 86 - a four-seater roadster. Rattenscharf!

Geneva 2013 004 Motor Show Top 10


4th place: Lamborghini Veneno

Only stealth bombers are more extreme. The 750 PS strong design wedge is technically based on the Aventador and reaches a completely new dimension for price tags in the VW Group. The Veneno will triple the Veyron. 3 million euros - plus VAT. As I said, only stealth bombers are more extreme and they are not freely available. Whereby - actually the gun control law should also apply to the Veneno.

Geneva 2013 009 Motor Show Top 10


Place 3: Porsche GT 3

This basis for the customer sport vehicles and at the same time the benchmark for serious sports cars, that is the Porsche GT 3. The latest version is 475 PS, comes for the first time with a dual clutch transmission and is the first Porsche with a rear axle steering.

Geneva 2013 003 Motor Show Top 10


Place 2: The McLaren P1

Incredible 916 PS from a hybrid drive based on a 3.8 liter bi-turbo V8 and an electric motor with over 100 kW. 1.2 million euros purchase price (excluding tax). 350 kilometers per hour. And probably the most spectacular rear spoiler of all time. This is the new supercar from McLaren.

Geneva 2013 001 Motor Show Top 10


Place 1: The Volkswagen XL 1

It is the most fuel-efficient production vehicle in the world. And actually it is currently the wrong time. The car market is currently recovering from the first fuel-price explosions and performance is sexy again. Which also shows on the other vehicles of this Top 10 list. Yet: Volkswagen carried out this project. Which is not surprising. The XL1 is considered one of the many children of corporate patriarch Piëch. During the presentation of the Porsche GT3, I sat near Ferdinand Piëch and felt the aura of the BEST automobile manager of all time. A technician before the gentleman. And so VW presents us in Geneva with the first series car that can get by with less than one liter per 100 kilometers.

250 pieces are now made of it once.

Geneva 2013 002 Motor Show Top 10


There was something from Ferrari, wasn't there? Yes. Jens looked at the “LaFerrari”.



All vehicles of the top list once again in a gallery and without halo:

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