Sweepstake: With Zero Touch to the dream convertible

The Mercedes-Benz SL: the epitome of luxury and elegance. No matter whether the SL 190 from 1955 or the current generation - what unites them are classic roadster proportions, while at the same time foregoing the compromises of a gnarled sports car. It has always been something special to call the comfortable Stuttgarter your own. After all, it represents an important piece of contemporary automotive history. Like the Mercedes-Benz SL of the R107 type.

Once like Bobby Ewing in the cult series of the 1980s touring the country in an SL: Dallas. A thick V8 under the filigree long bonnet, the bubbling of the V8 in the back and the freedom that blows through your mane in the form of the airstream. Gorgeous! And priceless. Good copies can now cost 40.000 euros - if not more. And when you consider that you can't necessarily keep such a treasure as a daily driver - that can lead to stomach upsets.

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Mercedes-Benz type 380 SL (1980 to 1985), 107 series. Overall, the series from 1971 to 1989 was built. ; Mercedes-Benz type 380 SL (1980 - 1985) of the 107 series. Overall, the series was built from 1971 to 1989 .;
The Mercedes-Benz SL of type R107 - thanks to its timeless lines, a coveted classic

That doesn't have to be the case: Logitech is raffling off his Raffle one of the 80s classics for the Zero Touch System - and it doesn't need to hide. The Mercedes-Benz SL type R107 is in top condition and immediately attracts attention. The iconic color combination of smoky silver in conjunction with the brown full leather interior is evidence of style, as is the creamy barrel of the 3,8 liter eight-cylinder engine under the hood. The 218 little horses under the bonnet of the luxury convertible ensure that you can move forward with confidence. As it should be, such a gem is controlled with a filigree wooden steering wheel.

The classic was approved around July 1986 and is therefore ready for the coveted Histoy license plate. This is also proven by the vintage car appraisal, which is of course included. The unbelievably low original mileage is also noted here: the dream convertible has only accumulated 50.000 kilometers during its 30-year life. If you imagine that that's not even 1.700 kilometers per year, you can look forward to a particularly well-preserved specimen.

Mercedes-Benz SL of the 107 series (1971 to 1989). ; Mercedes-Benz SL of the 107 series (1971 - 1989) .;
A hard top is included in the winning SL, of course - but it is much too good for real snow rides, right?

Logitech did not skimp on the additional equipment either: it includes a hard top. That's what you need for the winter, but such a treasure you do not move on heavily strewn roads, right? Anyway, that is up to a lucky winner. Until the 30. September you can still participate and secure your chance for the R107 SL.

For the necessary reference to current events, Logitech has of course also installed its zero touch system in the profit SL 380. So you can combine the best of two worlds: the classic design and the incomparable style of the classic with the modern technology of the smartphone. Simply plug on the ventilation nozzles, install the app and place the mobile phone on the Zero Touch like Bluetooth. It stops here via a magnet and offers numerous options: music streaming, navigation, phone calls or sending a WhatsApp message - all simply by voice. If the Bobby Ewing had known then - he would certainly have drained the oil! Howdy cowboys!

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