GT3 - Approval with restrictions on the Nordschleife

The DMSB decided today to take immediate measures for the “fast classes” on the ring and a package of changes around the track. However, this is only to be seen as the beginning!

The measures that have now been decided are the result of a serious accident at the start of the Nürburgring endurance championship (VLN) at the end of March, in which spectators were injured. In the area of ​​the “Flugplatz” section of the route, a GT3 vehicle got on and got stuck in the protective devices in the spectator area after the impact.

"This accident affected us all deeply," said Walter Hornung, sports director of ADAC Nordrhein. The DMSB immediately issued a starting ban for the most powerful vehicle classes and invited them to the round table. Hornung, the race director of the 24h qualification races and ADAC Zurich 24h races, was also present. "The entire Nordschleife scene supported these measures," said Hornung. “Such a scenario must never be repeated. Our thoughts are also with the friends and relatives with whom our colleagues from the VLN organization are in contact. "

Immediate measures decided

In order to increase the safety of the spectators around the Nürburgring-Nordschleife and at the same time enable racing operations for all vehicle classes, a panel of experts as part of the “Round Table Nordschleife” is developing a series of immediate measures that will apply to the qualifying race for the first time. At the table were representatives from the race track and from automobile manufacturers, professional racing drivers and amateur athletes, organizers as well as safety and technology experts from the DMSB. They submitted a bundle of proposals to the DMSB Presidium, which it put into effect with immediate effect.

5% more security?

Accordingly, the engine output in the most powerful vehicle classes is reduced by five percent. In order to prevent dangerous take-off, the speed should be slowed down by speed restrictions at critical sections (airfield, Schwedenkreuz and Antoniusbuche). A few hundred meters before these sections of the route, the maximum speed is 200 km / h (Döttinger Höhe: 250 km / h). Similar to caution phases, this is checked by GPS and punished with drastic penalties for violations. After passing the zone, you can accelerate again, the vehicles reach the critical areas at a significantly lower speed. Sudden braking is also avoided. In addition, some spectator areas in the airfield, Schwedenkreuz and Metzgesfeld sections will no longer be accessible until structural changes have been made. The provisional start ban for the high-performance vehicle classes (SP7, SP8, SP8T, SP9, SP-Pro, SP-X and Cup-2, the GT classes of the H4, the E1-XP1, E1-XP2 and E1-XP Hybrid) the Nürburgring-Nordschleife has been canceled.

Around 70 vehicles in the 24h qualification race

With the decision of the DMSB Presidium, the way to an exciting and top-class ADAC qualification race 24h is paved. The sports department of ADAC Nordrhein has received around 70 entries for the weekend so far. Entry deadline is April 8th.

After test and set-up runs on the Grand Prix circuit on Saturday morning (April 11th), the afternoon free practice (16:50 - 18:20) and first qualifying (18:40 - 21:20) ) into the evening hours over the 25,378 km long route, which is also completed in the 24h race. The second qualifying on Sunday morning (9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.) then forms the gallop for the six-hour race (start: 12:00 p.m.). The field of participants promises top sport.

For example, Audi is represented by two R8 LMS ultra of the Audi Race Experience, while at BMW the Sports Trophy Team Schubert is the spearhead with two excellent Z4 GT3s. The faction of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 is represented by two strong customer sports teams: Zakspeed relies on a gullwing as well as the Haribo racing team, which is celebrating its racing debut here in the SLS. Other top cars come from Porsche (including Manthey and Falken). Scuderia Glickenhaus sends the spectacular SCG 003c to the start, the Toyota works team is represented with the Lexus LFA Code X. Last but not least: HTP and the Bentley works team each field a Bentley Continental GT3. In the 24h qualification race, many of the favorites of the ADAC Zurich 24h race are already represented and cross the blades.


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