Good advertising is good! Today: Jetta TDI

Welcome to a new category on the blog. Is good advertising? Really good! Because advertising is not always a disturbing interruption on TV, sometimes advertising is even better than the rest of the TV program. For these cases there is now: “Good advertising is good” on

Jetta TDI - Volkswagen USA advertising

A man, who happens to be driving a Jetta TDI, finds a stray dog ​​in the streets of San Francisco. His collar pendant says he actually comes from Portland. Look in google.maps, San Francisco - Portland Oregon, that's over 1.000 kilometers.
But the man has a big heart - and just a Jetta TDI - so he packs up the dog and goes on the 1.000 km journey with him ...
Then what happened? 🙂
Just look at it!


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