HBK 2015: That starts off well!

Of course, rally drivers are sporty people. Jogging is part of the daily routine for many and of course Hüftgold is not known to the professionals either. The seats in such a rally vehicle are correspondingly tight. Vices covered with felt. Above that, two wide belts, tightly fitting, with your butt pinched in as little space as possible. This also makes sense when the special stages are roaring with engines. Flying cars? Everyday life in the rally scene, not the exception. Departures? Also “can happen” rather than complete marginal phenomena.

In a “classic rally” like the Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik, fast special stages are not part of the program. Here it is important to drive with brains and a stop watch - but without putting the lateral dynamics to the test. The manufacturers like to pack journalists into the vehicles at such events, because even without top speed and races, a rally in classic cars brings you completely new impressions. Skoda Auto Deutschland invited mein-auto-blog to experience the 2015 Hamburg-Berlin Classic from this close, unadulterated and emotional perspective.

At the wheel of the “Eastern Bloc-Porsche” nobody less than the seven-time German rally champion Matthias Kahle. With such an invitation you of course accept immediately, even if the warning lamp goes on in the back of your mind! Rally car? Classic? And how is the author of these lines supposed to sit there? Jogging, not his biggest hobby. Hip gold? He has enough. So how is that supposed to work?

Berlin - Wednesday, August 26.08.2015th, 14 - 00:XNUMX, a first fitting

And it comes as it came, the full bucket seat is cut short. Very close. You could place yourself in it if you just sit on an ass cheek. The hip at a 45 ° angle could go. Survive a rally like this? Probably not.

Now a solution has to be found - tomorrow from 13:00 p.m. the 180-strong classic car set off and we want to start alongside Matthias Kahle, the Rallye Champ and the winner of the HBK2013! We want!


Will we find a solution? Read on from tomorrow in our “HBK-2015” live blog! 

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