HBK 2015 - The most important links at a glance!

HBK2015It is the 8.Auflage of the Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik and once again autohub.de is on site and on the move. Hamburg-Berlin Classic, in short HBK. We are looking forward to a great time, together with Škoda Auto Deutschland we will start on a Škoda Rallye 130 RS. Our pilot? Nobody less than that
seven-time German rally champion Matthias Kahle

autohub.de will be present twice at HBK2015. Bernd Schweickard, the lifestyle expert on “mab” and founder of the AWR magazine will roll to the start on a “Mini” and Bjoern Habegger, the founder of autohub.de, can tackle the exciting rally together with the German rally champion Matthias Kahle! 

The most important link at a glance

As the organizer of #HBK, AutoBild Klassik has put a great gallery online for the “Winners' Evening” from last year click, And here go to the general reporting of AutoBild.

[= ””] Our live blog for # HBK2015 starts on Wednesday, August 26.08.2015th, XNUMX from the “technical acceptance” at the pre-start, around the Olympic Stadium in Berlin! 





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