Hypercar Ferrari SF90 - four engines, 1.000 hp

There are four engines with 1.000 HP under the aerodynamically optimized sheet metal skin

For a long time, the electric drive was taboo at Ferrari. But the SF90 can power - emission-free in the city or in combination with V8 on the track.

Ferrari promises 390 kg of contact pressure at 250 km / h

SP-X / Maranello. Only a wild horse can be seen in front of the front cover, while there are 1.000 behind the driver's seats. SF90 is the name of the new top model from Ferrari, which not only penetrates four-digit PS regions, but also marks the brand's entry into e-mobility. In addition to the 574 kW / 780 hp and thus the most powerful V8 petrol engine in the history of the company, three electric motors with a total of 162 kW / 220 hp ensure impressive driving performance: the 1,6-tonner is supposed to be the 100 km / h sprint in Complete 2,5 seconds, 200 fall after 6,7 seconds, maximum 340 km / h can be reached.

The SF90 should only take 2,5 seconds to sprint from a standing start

The three electric motors, two on the front axle and one between a four-liter petrol engine and an eight-stage double clutch transmission, allow all-wheel drive and enormous driving performance as well as purely electric driving. A 7,9 kWh battery ensures up to 25 kilometers of emission-free jaunts.

There are four engines with 1.000 HP under the aerodynamically optimized sheet metal skin

The SF90 is also visually marked, the name stands for Scuderia Ferrari and its 90th anniversary, a new evolutionary stage. Unusual are the raised exhaust pipes at the rear, oval instead of circular taillights or the C-shaped LED matrix headlights, which also integrate openings for ventilation of the brakes in their design.

SF90 is the name of the new Ferrari hypercar

But at the same time the new model is also a typical representative of the Italian sports car brand, because the flounder offers a wedge-shaped, flat silhouette as well as an elegant and at the same time martial aero design. The latter includes an electric rear wing that is electronically controlled and optimally adapted to the driving situation. Almost 400 kilograms of contact pressure should guarantee superior road holding at a speed of 250 km / h.

Behind the steering wheel, which is equipped with many buttons and switches, the driver looks at a 16-inch HD display

Modern times have also begun in the interior. The engine is started at the push of a button, driving-related information is shown on a 16-inch HD display, the most important controls are concentrated on the steering wheel. The SF90 should also penetrate higher spheres in terms of price: It is very likely that a high six-figure amount will be due when the part-time Stromer comes onto the market in 2020.

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