Infiniti has brought style and passion to technology and technology to Frankfurt am Main. As part of the IAA Last night, the premium car manufacturer delighted invited trade fair visitors and celebrities alike with live performances in an extraordinary location.

Live acts such as Paul van Dyk, Titan the Robot and iLuminate dance group from Los Angeles brought the crowd to dance in Frankfurt's trendy Zenzakan Club. International guests had one thing in common: the fascination for the combination of technology and glamor that Infiniti represents.

With the event Infiniti Gate presents Infiniti with the joy of experimenting and networking. Celebrities, Formula 1 stars, car designers and media representatives all agreed that Infiniti Gate was the city's hottest event on the first night of the International Motor Show.

Among the guests were entertainment personalities such as Christian Ulmen, Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, Wayne Carpendale, Annemarie Warnkross, Frauke Ludowig, Marcus Schenkenberg, Janin Reinhardt, Rebecca Mir and Barbara Meier.

Fintan Knight, Vice President EMEA at Infiniti: "This was only the second event of its kind after its launch in London - but the event series has established itself faster than we thought possible. One proof is the great success of the event last night. "
Star DJ Paul van Dyk interrupted his sold-out world tour to perform a set specially designed for Infiniti. The dance group iLuminate from Los Angeles conquered the whole world after their acclaimed appearance at America's Got Talent. Suits with LED lights are the only source of light during their performance, creating a breathtakingly synchronous light show.
The nearly two and a half meters tall Titan the Robot, who already worked with Rihanna, Will Smith and occurred was another highlight of the evening.

Also world champions were present - this time not the Director of Performance of Infiniti, Sebastian Vettel, but Tomek Małek and Marek Posłuszny, known as the Flair Factory, who hold eleven titles in cocktail mixing.

Guests were also invited to discover more aspects of Infiniti technology and culture, such as the Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1 car, which was at the event once to be experienced up close.

Fintan Knight: "With Infiniti Gate, we are transporting the more emotional values ​​of our brand. By networking with people from all walks of life - art, music, dance, technology, motorsport, design, culinary - we once again demonstrate that Infiniti stands out from other automakers. "

The next Infiniti Gate event will take place in Rome, as Fintan Knight announced last night.

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